A Sea of Red & Berry

Hi There, Friends!

  Happy Valentine’s Day!

My office is a sea of red and berry colors today.  I didn’t realize it would be such a big deal here, but most of the girls in my office added a splash of V-Day color to their outfit choice for today.  Yep, I was one of them.

  It was actually cute to see and reminded me of my elementary school days.

Know what else reminded me of those days so long ago? Some of these:

Dunkin Donuts "Cupid's Choice Heart Shaped Donuts"

 Back in the day, all you got were these regular ol’ donuts though.

As cute as they were, heart-shaped or not, there was no way one of those suckers was going anywhere near my mouth. 😉

If you know me, you know how much I love tradition.  I tend to live in the past, at times.  I find comfort there because I felt quite safe as a child aside from those school bullies I had to tend with from time to time.  So, the donuts reminded me of a happy time and put a smile on my face as I heated up my oatmeal and grabbed a mug of the worst coffee.

Normally, a donut as a treat would be perfectly fine.  However, remember, I’m only one week into my new nutrition and training program and want to stay on track.  I have 16 weeks to transform myself into my goal image….a bikini model.  It just so happens that 2 days after my 16 weeks are over there’s a fitness competition a few hour drive away.  Hmmm….let’s just say the wheels are turning. 😉

I may not have started my Valentine’s Day off with one of these hearts… 

However, I ate something just as yummy that’s good for this heart of mine.

My new favorite breakfast go-to is a mixture of oatmeal and egg whites (mixed before cooking), topped with blueberries which I soaked in caramel flavored flaxseed oil & sprinkled with a dash of cinnamon and ginger.

Mmmm….That’s a hot bowl of hearty goodness!  So good and so good for you!  It makes my belly happy and keeps me full for hours!

Fitness Program Check-In:

  • NutritionON!  Would you believe the hardest part for me is fitting all of my meals in over the weekend?  True, true!  I even packed all of my meals up for the day and just couldn’t do it.  I’ll have to work on that next weekend. Not a bad problem to have, huh?
  • Workouts – ON!  I’m even a day ahead of schedule this week. 🙂
  • Results – I think the best part of this is that I’m feeding my body what it truly needs and not starving it.  I haven’t had any disordered eating problems AT ALL over the week, which is one of the best possible things for me to experience.  I also happen to be down two pounds and my jeans are falling off me.  Rob continues to tell me that I no longer have a butt.  Believe me, it’s there.  It just doesn’t take up as much space as it used to. 😉  All in all, a great first week!

With that, I must run to do that thing we call work.  I can’t wait for the day that mypassions and my work to merge to become one.  That day is getting closer, my friends. 🙂

Do you have any special plans for Valentine’s Day? Rob and I decided we will celebrate over the weekend instead of trying to cram everything in after work tonight.  Tonight I’m just going to make him a special dinner and cuddle on the couch watching our shows.

Sending lots of love your way! 


Special Delivery

Look what came as I was twiddling my thumbs.  Let’s start over.  Look what arrived as I was counting the seconds until 5:30pm.  Hey, stop it!  One more time.  Look what was delivered to me as I PATIENTLY waited for the workday to be over.

Last night, during a work conference, my boyfriend stepped aside from the group to make a call to me.  He asked if I had gotten anything at work.  Confused I said I hadn’t and then began to question why.  You see, these were supposed to have been delivered yesterday.  I wasn’t expecting anything because we had already celebrated on Saturday night.  Plus, our trip to Mexico is what I thought my gift was for Valentine’s Day.  He told me that he didn’t want me to feel slighted though and just wanted to send a little something my way.  In return, I told him that he had already given me the best gifts of all (happiness & love).  Yeah, we’re that couple.  I love US though.  🙂

Today, this beautiful bouquet made its way into my office, where it is now proudly displayed at my desk.  I’ve actually never had flowers delivered to me, except for by family.  Now, instead of counting seconds to the end of the day maybe I’ll count the petals on my roses instead. 😉  J/k.

If you were here, I’d share one with you. 🙂

For You

Hope your day is moving along more quickly than mine is!


The Year Valentine’s Day Came Early

As Valentine’s Day 2011 is coming to a close, this girly is sitting in her living room surrounded by a sea of moving boxes.  Can I tell ya that I’m so unmotivated right now?  Even when I feel full of energy at the end of the work day the commute always seems to do me in.  Ah well, such is life.  Not too much longer of that.  Plus, with daylight staying with us longer each day I know I’ll be back into the groove again once more.

The good thing is that with my boyfriend away until sometime on Sunday I’ll be able to get a lot accomplished in my apartment this weekend.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I can’t wait for that man of mine to be back on the same coast as me, but I never seem to accomplish much when he’s near.  Instead, I focus on skipping (don’t ask….it’s just a little thing we do) and having lots of fun with him.  So, with him away my mind will be in the right place.  A week from today I’ll be back with him again doing our silly little things.

Since we knew we wouldn’t get to see each other on Valentine’s Day we decided to have a dinner in together on Saturday night.  He happens to love risotto and that just happens to be something I’ve never made before.  I pondered over whether I should try something new on a special night and decided to go for it.  It was actually quite easy to make and my boyfriend exclaimed that it was delicious as he jumped up and down after trying a spoonful from the pot, before I served it.  I laughed and was thrilled that he liked it.

Just as I was getting ready to put everything onto the table, I noticed that water was streaming out from the cabinet underneath the kitchen sink.  We’ve had that problem before and usually it’s an easy fix.  I ran down the hall to grab some towels.  I tried to be sneaky, because I didn’t want him to worry about it before we sat down to eat.  He caught me though and the next 30 minutes were spent trying to solve the problem.  To my horror, water started spurting out of the cabinet above the sink. WTH?!?!  Let’s just say his dad did the plumbing in the kitchen.  Enough said?  Yeah, I thought so.  Haha.

FINALLY, we sat down.  Although dinner was a little colder than I would have liked it to have been we both enjoyed it.  Actually, it was pretty picture perfect.  Knowing how much I like the little things that make a home cozy, my boyfriend set a fire for us, put on some music (Bocelli), poured us some wine and lit the candle I had set out.  As I sat down he said, “This is what I always pictured when I moved into this house.”  That made my heart smile.

So, the boyfriend gave dinner a thumbs up.  Two thumbs up to be exact.

His plate:

My plate:

The full spread:

*Sorry I didn’t take more pics.  There was a hungry man at the table who just couldn’t wait to dig in.  There also might have been a tipsy girl.  😉

My boyfriend isn’t really a dessert kind of guy meanwhile I’m the QUEEN of sweet tooths everywhere.  He told me not to bother with dessert, but me being me I had to do a little something.  I love decorating stuff and decided on some chocolate covered strawberries.  Once again I was trying to be a sneak in making these, but……he caught me.

Rob & Kim 🙂

There would have been some white chocolate designs on there, but once he caught me it was all down hill.  I was very proud of myself for making the chocolate heart and initial pieces though.  Once again….the little things that make me happy.

My Valentine’s Day might have come early, but it was just as sweet.  Wishing you all love not only on this holiday, but also the whole year through.


I Did It!

Hey Guys!

Hello From CT

Guess who found the connection chord for her camera at the bottom of her favorite Lululemon bag?

This Girl Right Here

Ahhh, that’s at least one thing off my shoulders right now.  I would have been so upset with myself if I couldn’t find it.  I mean, it could have easily been fixed, but I hate (HATE) losing things, especially if they are a gift from my mom.

I’m in a Valentines’ Day mood today, even though the man holding my heart is all the way in CA this week. 😦  I tried to cheer myself up by wearing a festive top and by hiding multiple notes/cards in my boyfriend’s luggage for him to find.  I’m such a dork! When I told him to open certain zippers, he said that he heard me zipping things while he was in another room and decided not to come investigate. Haha.  I’m glad he didn’t.  I love doing things like that.  I definitely get it from my mom.

Besides dressing in a berry colored top, I decided to make myself happy with one of my favorite breakfasts.

Protein Oats!

Mmmm….creamy deliciousness!

Of course, the meal wouldn’t be complete with out some coffee & water.

This was all consumed at my desk while getting some work done.  Notice the hearts on the calendar in the background Exhibit B for my being a dork.

I needed my coffee this morning, but it never tastes quite the same as when I’m enjoying it with my boyfriend on a weekend morning.  We always grab some Starbucks and then go for a drive by the water.  It’s so relaxing.  We can’t wait for the weather to be warmer so we can actually get out in the water….or at least put the car’s top down.  Soon.  Soon! 🙂

So, remember when I posted that I had some news to share with you?  I had just had one of the worst drives home….EVER.  Three hours in Friday night traffic isn’t something I’d wish on anyone.  I dragged my butt into my apartment and then went to check the mail.

Remember when this package arrived for me way back in May?

These course materials were inside…

Well, I did it!!

I passed with flying colors.  Not to toot my own horn (toot. toot), but I got a 97%. 🙂

There were many times I didn’t feel like doing the reading during my lunch break or staying after work to finish things, but I pushed myself to get it done and am SO HAPPY that I did!

Well, I best be getting back to work.  I’ll be back this evening for a special Valentines Day post.

Sending you kisses!

Happy Valentine's Day!