Monthy Goals – August Edition

Hi Friends!

How’s this Monday morning treating you?  Can you believe it’s already August 1st?  Where is this summer going?????

I don’t remember last summer flying quite so quickly.  Rob and I had just met and I seem to compare last summer to this one by certain things that we were doing at the same time.  I hope that the month slows down so we can enjoy every drop of summer that we can.  After last winter I’m holding on for dear life!

Rob must be in the same mind-frame as me, because he mentioned during dinner on Saturday night that we need to start planning our month.  There are so many things that we wanted to do before summer is over and now we’re down to the final stretch.  We’re hoping to take a trip up to Boston for a weekend, have my family over for a BBQ (since most still haven’t seen where I’ve moved to), go on a boat ride with a specific group of friends, get some tubing in and the list goes on.  Maybe during lunch today I’ll write everything out.  I know it’s going to be difficult to get all of my siblings to be available on the same day.  We have such different schedules and one of my sisters is in the process of closing on a house AND planning her wedding.  Talk about double the stress!!

I have so many hopes for the coming months.  I’m trying to create some new traditions with family and friends (Ex: taking a trip out to the wineries, a long weekend away, monthly dinners, pumpkin/apple picking, a cookie decorating party, etc).  We just have to start implementing everything.  I’ve already discussed certain ideas with various people and they seem open to my suggestions.  Now, I just have to take action and make sure it happens.  It’s just too easy to let time pass by without fitting it all in.  One day you look back and wonder how yet another year has passed by. 

Speaking of having to take action, I have some goals for myself that I need to jump on.  Maybe it’s the not so lazy days of summer that have me stuck in a rut.  Whatever it is, my tush needs to start moving in high gear.  Before you know it, it’ll be time to make New Years’ resolutions.  I honestly don’t like waiting until a specific date for motivation and to get things done.  My goals now (at least the short-term goals) should be far behind me by January 1, 2012.  So, without further ado, here are my goals for August, in no particular order:

August Goals:

1.       Work out at least 4 times per week.   I’m hoping for 5 days, but want to be realistic.

2.       Try yoga.  One of Rob’s friends has mentioned how great this has been for him & suggested I give it a shot.  It’s also been on my “To Do” list for what seems like forever.  I’m just a big chicken to take my first class alone.

3.       Try Zumba. I have no rhythm, but I’m sure I won’t be alone.  I’m trying to find some fun cardio that will make me want to make it to the gym.

4.       Try 1 new recipe each week.  Homemade turkey meatballs are on my list (and are actually a request from Rob).  Can you believe I’m Italian and have never made them from scratch?  I guess that’s because my mom’s are so darn hard to compete with!  😉

5.       Read at least 1 new book this month.  I just finished reading “A Stolen Life: A Memoir” by Jaycee Dugard.  Rob surprised me with a kindle before he left for his business trip 2 weeks ago.  I’m excited to download my first book onto it and get reading!

6.       Read the news! I have a confession.  I’m horrible with this and always feel out of the loop with current events.  I think that it’s very important to keep on top of things and will make an effort to do this at least a few times a week. 

7.       Have my family over for a BBQ.  Food, family & fun.  What’s not to like? I just have to make it happen!

8.       Allow myself to indulge in something I’d really like to eat at a restaurant. I still have a difficult time allowing myself a treat.

9.       Clean the guest bedroom.  Currently, it’s housing all of the boxes that I’m not quite sure what to do with since I moved.  Seeing as I moved in March I think it’s about time to clean the room up so we can actually have guests stay over.

10.   Make this blog better. I’m thinking of giving the blog a makeover.  There’s a certain professional I have my eye on to help me with the transformation.  My goal is to at least make contact with her this month to see how much this might set me back and what the wait time will be.  I’m also going to get into the groove of creating a writing schedule for myself.  Right now, I randomly fit writing in whenever I see the chance.

11.   Look into a nutrition certification.  Currently, I’m certified by AFPA as a health & wellness counselor.  I’d like to further my degree so that I can turn my love of nutrition and helping people into a career.  I’m thinking of either the Institute for Integrative Nutrition or a program to become a registered dietician (I couldn’t seem to find anything in my area, the last time I looked).

12.   Strengthen/Create Friendships.  After college, the majority of my friends scattered to completely different states.  Everyone started new jobs, got married/are in relationships, started to have kids and our friendship started to take a backseat.  I’d like to strengthen old friendships by reaching out (I already have a card going out to a lifetime friend) and create new friendships in the area.  I’m hoping that by pushing myself into new situations (like taking yoga & Zumba) I’ll meet some new like-minded people. I’m also going to work on building relationships with the wives/girlfriends of Rob’s friends.  I have one sister that lives in Long Island and I’m going to make it a point to get together with her for coffee or random shopping trips.

13.   Try not to be so reliant on Rob.  I’m not sure if “reliant” is the correct word.  I’m SO attached to him.  If I know that he’ll be home I try to be too.  It’s part of the reason I get my workout in before work.  Knowing that I’m not missing anything with him (since he’s sleeping) makes it less hard to leave him at the house.  Believe me, I still give him a million kisses before I get my booty out that door to the gym, but I have an easier time with it than say going to the gym after work, knowing that he’s home watching tv.  This prevents me from hanging out with people and/or doing things I need/want to do (eyebrows, shopping, classes and sometimes even blogging).  I’ve discussed this with Rob multiple times.  He pushes me to do new things.  I have to take the initiative to do it myself.  He has assured me that he knows how much I love him and that by doing things for myself doesn’t mean that I love him any less.  I have no problem when he does these things for himself, but seem to have an issue when the roles are reversed.

 I think that’s a pretty well-rounded goal list for August.  What do you think?  There are already things I know I’d like to include for the fall, but that’s really getting ahead of myself.

  • What are some of your goals for August?
  • Do you have any great recipes you’d like to share with me?
  • Any book suggestions to fill my kindle with?
  • If you know of a good registered dietician program in the Long Island area, please do share!

 Have a great day! 🙂


Busy Bees

Hi Friends!

Are you breathing easy that it’s finally the weekend?  I’m definitely ecstatic, but I wouldn’t say “breathing easy”.  Do you believe I’m still sick?  I’m definitely MUCH better than I was during the week, but I’m still congested and having trouble breathing, at times.  The cold seems to have settled in my chest, but I’m not going to let it spoil my fun this weekend.

Rob and I have been busy bees all day.  We’re heading out for dinner with two other couples tonight to celebrate Rob’s birthday.  The guys are some of Rob’s closest friends, but usually we see them in two different circles.  I know he’s really looking forward to tonight and I am as well.  Not only do I enjoy seeing the other couples, but it makes me happier when I see Rob happy.

The weather today couldn’t have been more beautiful.  We made reservations to eat outside, overlooking the water.  Later on, we’ll all hop on the boat for a relaxing ride.  The guys will enjoy some cigars during the ride and I’m thinking mixed drinks or iced coffee for the girls.  🙂

To get ready for all the fun tonight, Rob and I wanted to whip the house and toys (as he likes to call them) into shape.

I spent the time windexing, rearraning our kitchen cabinets and the fridge, finishing laundry, vacuuming, going on paper patrol (How does it pile up so quickly? Always!), cleaning bathrooms and tidying the entertaining area.

Rob was in charge of the “toys”.  He had to clean the boat so we can take it out later on.

Since he was out there, he also tackled the Jet Ski, which has been giving him some trouble lately.  Washing the car was another check off of his “to do” list.

About an hour ago I decided it was time to call it quits.  I headed outside to work on my tan (need to fade some of the lines for the shirt I’m wearing tonight) and get in an easy read.

Kim F. Reading About Kim K.

Now, it’s time to hit the shower and get ready for all of the fun.  I can’t wait!

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!


A Family Reunited

Hi Guys!

How was your weekend?  Mine went by SO FAST!  I swear it felt like I blinked my eyes and it was already Sunday night.

Rob made it home early enough on Saturday morning for a couple hour cuddle session.  He picked up a bug during his travels and wasn’t feeling great all weekend.  Poor guy. 😦  While he continued to rest in the bedroom, my sister popped by to enjoy breakfast outside with me.  We made a quick Starbuck’s run to get iced coffees and egg white spinach feta wraps.  I brought a reduced fat turkey bacon sandwich and venti awake tea home for Rob, as well.  Jess and I sat outside enjoying our sisterly conversation, our food and the sunshine for about an hour.  Then, it got a lil too hot for us and we made our way into the cool kitchen.

Eventually, Jess had to be on her way home and I went in for more cuddles with Rob.  After we finished watching a tv movie (totally forget what we saw now) Rob went to his sister’s so she could work on his rib some more and check out his throat.  I decided to use that time wisely to run some errands, since we had a birthday dinner to go to later Saturday night.  By the time Rob made it home, he had 30 minutes to get himself ready.  Guys are so lucky.  It takes me 30 minutes alone to finish with my hair, since I have so much of it! 

We ended up going to Bobbique for dinner.  I wish my camera was working because this place would have been perfect to photograph.  They had an extensive selection of beers and the food was wonderful.  Live music played as we enjoyed the remainder of our meal.  I’d definitely love to go back again and since my sister will be moving very close to the restaurant it’s definitely a possibility. 😉

I’m not going to lie, I had a spaz attack Sunday morning while getting ready for a family get together.  Nothing seemed to be fitting correctly and I started to silently cry.  About 30 minutes into my sob session, Rob knocked on the bedroom door to make sure I was ok.  He knew something was wrong because he didn’t hear me for so long.  Even though he didn’t feel good, Rob patiently helped me go through tops until I found one that was acceptable and he even did a little slow dance with me to make the tears stop, which they did.  Rob is exactly the type of person I need in my life.  He never makes me feel bad about my struggles and always makes me feel as if whatever issues I have are valid (which is something I didn’t have in the past).

By that point, I was running late to get to my aunt and uncle’s house and my siblings all made it there before me.  Due to some issues with my dad, we all hadn’t seen this side of the family for years (for some of us almost a decade).  I won’t get into it all now, but basically my father is like a human tornado.  How one man can destroy so many things I will never understand.  Anyway….

I was feeling good and excited as I parked the car and walked up the steps to the house.  It was gorgeous out.  I lazily walked up the pathway that made its way through a garden of beautiful wild flowers.  I breathed in deeply and enjoyed the sun on my face.  We really couldn’t have asked for a better day to get together. 

I knocked on the front door and as soon as I saw my aunt, tears once again flooded my face.  Really?  Again?!?! Jeez!  I’m such a mush!  I wasn’t the only one though, because my aunt welcomed me with her own tears and stated that it had been far too long.  She walked me out back where my uncle and two cousins were sitting with my siblings.  More hugs and tears until everyone was laughing about how sensitive I am.  One of my sisters exclaimed, “I knew Kim was going to cry.”  Another told me that she had brought tissues for me, as she pulled them out of her purse.  Man, I guess I’m predictable!  The rest of the day was filled with laughter and smiles until we headed home a little after 8 PM.

Before leaving, we all made a point to have pictures taken together.

A Family Reunited

I will treasure this forever, but I know we will have many more of these.  Family is so important to me and losing my dad’s side of the family with the divorce really impacted us. 

I didn’t make it home until after 9 PM where my poor guy was still feeling horrible.  We watched True Blood together and then made it to bed where we both quickly fell to sleep.  Between his being sick and my emotional day we both welcomed sleep. 

It’s a good thing I went to bed on the earlier side last night.  Little did I know it was going to be one of THOSE days. Be back later to recap my frustrating morning.

Wishing you a wonderful day!


(A Belated) Happy Fourth of July!

I just realized that this post was never published.  😦  I still want my wish to reach you and I’m hoping that the holiday was a great one for you!


Wishing You and Your Family a Fun-Filled & Safe Fourth!


I’ll be back tomorrow with a regular post.


Divide & Conquer

Hi Friends!

Do you believe it’s already Tuesday?!  I can’t!  Weekends always seem to fly by, even the long ones, such as this past weekend.  I guess the saying is true that time flies when you’re having fun.  I’m staying positive by reminding myself that this is only a four day work week. Woot woot! 😉

I was happy to have the extra day this weekend.  My mind and body needed it to recover from the major stress I’ve been dealing with over the past few weeks.  Weekends never seem long enough.  You want to enjoy them, but you also know that they are really the only days to get things done that you are unable to during the work week.  Aside from Sunday, we had some great weather and neither Rob nor I wanted to be stuck inside doing chores.  Instead of sticking together to complete our tasks we decided to divide and conquer.  That way we’d be done with everything in about half the time, leaving us with additional time to enjoy our time off.

Rob and his brother teamed up to move Rob’s boat trailer and then move his brother’s living room furniture (a new rug was being installed).  To best utilize my time, I decided to get the laundry started, cleaned up around the house a bit and then headed off to get the oil changed in my car.  After getting lost and going 6 miles out of my way I finally found Jiffy Lube.  Let’s just knock that up to me still being new to the area.  My car lease is up in November and I think that this will be the last time I need to get the oil changed, for this car anyway.  After feeling like a piece of meat and having my savings stolen from me, I headed back to the house to join Rob for lunch. 

The rest of our Saturday was spent lazily relaxing both inside and out.  We made dinner out of a hodge podge of things in the fridge and then headed out to see Transformers: Dark of the Moon. 


We both enjoyed the movie but agreed that there were parts that were a bit drawn out, making the movie longer than we would have liked.  All in all, it was a good movie though and a nice way to end the night.

Sunday, I was lucky enough to have my two favorite people in the same room together.  Rob and I made the drive to CT to visit with my mom for the afternoon.  I was so happy to see her, especially because I haven’t seen her since Mother’s Day!  We usually speak to each other at least once or twice per day, but it’s never the same as actually getting a hug from her.

On the way home I started feeling a lil sick. 😦  I’m not sure if it was car sickness or something that I ate.  I’ve actually been having tummy issues and headaches since Friday, so it could have been related to whatever that was.  As a result, I was out of commission for hours.  Rob covered me with a blanket, made sure I had everything that I needed and then we both took short naps with the tv on in the background.  The rest of the evening was low key and relaxing.  The sun even made an appearance, which put me in better spirits.

Yesterday morning, I woke up again not feeling quite right.  If Rob wasn’t there I never would have made it to the gym to get a great arm workout in.  Then, we made it out on the Jet Ski for a few hours of sun and water adventures.  We may or may not have taken a spill, but it was all good.  😉  During a pit stop on the ride home, I found some beautiful shells, which I decided to take back with me and leave on my work desk to remind me of the fun times. 


Shells also remind me of my Grandmother.  She might not have had all the money in the world, but you always knew that she was thinking of you. She’d return from the beach with a collection of shells.  Then, she’d write the date and where she found them so that she could give them to us as a token of her love.

I think that the sun and water fun wiped Rob and me out.  We didn’t do much the remainder of the day, but we did see a spectacular fireworks display from our very own hot tub.  Rob made the underwater lights change colors (That was our contribution to the fireworks. Lol.) and then we gazed into the sky to watch the fireworks being set off by our surrounding neighbors.  They were everywhere!  I felt like a child looking out into the night to see the sky light up in color.

Not a bad way to end the Fourth, huh? I quite enjoyed it.  🙂

Now, here I sit with the long weekend already behind me.  There’s still a lot to look forward to this summer, including a bunch of special people’s birthdays this month and also my 1 year anniversary with Rob.

Ok, I best be going.  I hope that your weekend was everything that you hoped it would be!


Now, Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Dear Readers,

  Please accept my apology for my recent disappearance.  Work has been absolutely, positively a bit insane lately leaving me without a lunch break and working late.  There was no room for blogging in my schedule and my mind was a bit of a mess due to anxiety.

  Oh, there were tears shed last week and many mornings where I felt like a child.  All I kept saying to Rob was “I don’t want to go.”  Alas, things have calmed down and I’m feeling less anxiety. 

I spent the majority of today cleaning and organizing my boss’ office.  He’s been with the company for about 10 years now and never had an assistant before me.  There were loose papers scattered around his office dating back to 2003 and dust blanketed many areas of his desk along with the wine bottles that sprawl across his bookcase.  By the time I was finished I felt like I breathed enough dust for a lifetime! 

My favorite part after I was finished was taking a picture with my cell phone and sending him a picture text with the caption “Do you believe it?”  His response was “Wow! I cannot believe it!  It looks great!”  Haha.  I know he’ll appreciate it even more when he’s actually able to work efficiently.  An entire drawer was filled with reports from 2006 that we don’t even use anymore.  Now, it contains all of his meeting notes filed by date and type of meeting.  Ah, I love when things are clean and organized!

I wish I had taken a before pic, but I do have the after pic to share with you.  His office is still a work in progress, but we’re much better than when I started.  As of Monday you couldn’t see the surface of his desk.  Look at it now though:

Ta Da!

Besides his office, I also tried cleaning up my boss’ e-mail inbox.  Would you believe the man had over 1400 unread e-mails ?!?!  I cleaned them up to 1322, by deleting e-mail chains.  I’m afraid to delete anything else in case it might be important.

Aside from work, I have been getting some gym sessions in.  I have to update my stats page because I FINALLY got my body fat tested last night.  I’ve been wanting to get that done for months!  I’ve been a little obsessed with the scale lately and extremely frustrated with my plateau; however, I keep telling myself that my body composition must have changed.  I’m able to fit in pants I wore 2 summers ago when I was 10 pounds lighter.  I must be doing something right….right?  😉

The trainer and I both came to the conclusion that I’m not eating enough which is preventing me to lose the last bit that I would like.  She, along with Rob and my family, don’t think I really need to lose weight.  Currently, I’m weighing in at about 136 lbs.  My body fat last night came in at 23.27%.  I’m definitely in the healthy range.  I think that if I up my eats a bit I should be sitting pretty by the end of the summer.  At the end of August I have my sister’s engagement party and in October I have a friend’s wedding.  I know that I want to look my best for both occasions and I’m on my way to being at that point.

After getting my body fat tested, I made a quick run to the grocery store, since I never made it over the weekend.  Rob and I were both tired this weekend.  A lot of lying around was done, because we just couldn’t muster the effort to do anything else.  I did have a nice chat over coffee with my sister.  We sat on the boat, soaking in the sun and chatted for about 2 hours.  I have to make a mental note to do that more often.  It’s so relaxing and it was especially nice to spend quality time with my sister.  After whipping up a quick lunch for her and Rob, she left to run errands.  Rob and I headed out to see if there was enough wind for him to play around with his new monsterous kite.  He made quite a few runs on the water with it.  I took pictures and got a bit sea sick from the rocking of the boat and trying to focus the camera on him doing jumps.  I’ll have to get the pictures back from him so I can show you.

Anyway, we headed back to the house, cleaned up, took a nap, ordered in and watched Inception on tv.  It was a nice, relaxing Saturday.

Sunday was Father’s Day.  After having our usual Starbucks weekend breakfast together, Rob went fishing with his dad, brother and nephew.  I got in a great workout and then treated myself to a mani/pedi.  Father’s Day is a rough day for me (and I’m sure my siblings).  I called my dad, but haven’t really celebrated a Father’s Day in about 10 years.  Rob’s brother had invited us to a BBQ at his house to celebrate and it was nice to be surrounded by his family.  I can’t wait to be able to include my family on these types of celebrations.  I know it’s something we’ve been missing for years.  I love being surrounded by family and friends.  It makes me feel whole and loved.

On our way back home, we watched as the sun set.  It was a beautiful evening which we decided to extend by getting into the hot tub until dark.  In moments like those I realize that there’s really nothing for me to complain about.  Life is never going to be perfect, but as long as the good outweighs the bad I’m a happy gal.

Ok, enough rambling.  It’s time for me to get back to work.  Only an hour left and I’m outta here!  Rob has “Guy’s Night” tomorrow night, so I’m going to get as much Rob time as I can this evening.

Wishing you a great remainder of the day!



Summer Lovin’ Kind of Weekend

Hi Friends,

How was your weekend?  Mine was packed with fun, friends and sunshine.  With my camera being out of commission, after the little swim it had in our canal, I’m upset that I can’t show you the fun that we had.

My weekend started about two hours early on Friday, when work closed early. Nice!  I hopped in my car and bopped to music during the drive home.  Rob surprised me by having the boat home after hibernating at the harbor all winter.  I was so excited to see it out back!  Seeing the boat brought back memories from last summer.  It was the first summer, in what seems like forever, that I truly enjoyed.  I felt like a kid again.  For so many years I either hid myself inside because I was ashamed with how I looked or I had no one to enjoy the sunshine with.  I’m looking forward to a lot more summer fun this year!

Friday night we headed out for hibachi with another couple.  Then, we all made our way across the street to the movie theater to see The Hangover Part II. 

It was a good night overall, except for the TERRIBLE movie seats.  I was so uncomfortable that I kept fidgeting throughout the entire movie and couldn’t fully pay attention.  We made it home around 1:30AM and passed out.

Saturday morning I was exhausted.  I think that stress from the work week and our late night on Friday wiped me out.  I felt like a truck hit me!  It was hard pulling ourselves out of bed (Rob had a rough week, as well), but we made it to get our usual Starbuck’s weekend breakfast and then got started on chores around the house.  I still have boxes to go through from my move and I made a big dent over the course of the day.  Other than that, I made the rest of the house sparkle.  Rob got to work cleaning boat so that it would be ready for our voyage on Sunday. 

By late afternoon we were wiped out and needed a break from all of the cleaning.  Rob headed onto the water to go kiteboarding and I made a trip to the gym to get a quick weight session in.  I always feel better after hitting the gym, especially when I have a yummy protein shake to look forward to when I get home. 

Lately, I’ve been on a coffee protein shake kick.  I actually crave it!  I make a pot of coffee and have it chill overnight.  I then use it as the liquid portion of my shake.  I add a scoop of vanilla protein powder, some ice and some water.  SO GOOD!!

Saturday night we hung out at the house, eating dinner around the coffee table while watching tv.  We knew that the next few days were going to be long ones. 

Sunday our friends from Friday night’s dinner came over and we all jumped onto the boat to see the air show that was being held at Jones Beach.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many boats in such close proximity to one another!  The show was fun.  I’d never been to one before.  We had lunch on the boat and soaked in some of the sun’s rays while watching the show.  The wind blowing through my hair, as we slowly made our way back to the house, made me smile.  It’s such a peaceful feeling.  Being near water brings me to a tranquil peace of mind.  I’ve always been drawn to it.  I’m glad that Rob feels the same way.

After a long day on the water I still needed to get groceries for the week.  I knew that Monday would be a wash because we had a BBQ to go to (at the same couple’s house).  I was kind of dreading it, expecting it to be a mad house with last-minute shoppers grabbing their grilling gear.  It wasn’t bad though.  I stocked the fridge and spent the rest of the night watching movies with Rob on the couch.

Monday morning I woke up with dread in my stomach.  I knew my weekend was coming to a close.  We still had our friends’ BBQ/Pool Party to look forward to though.  While Rob made a Starbuck’s run for us, I made my way to the kitchen to whip up one of my dessert specialties.  It’s always a crowd pleaser, is easy to make and is actually not too bad for you (calorie-wise).

The party was fun, filled with more sunshine, yummy eats and good people.  After it was over, Rob and I took a Sunday drive on a Monday.  We’re thinking of moving to an area nearby our friend’s house and wanted to explore the area a bit.  We made it home, relaxed and headed to bed on the earlier side.  Work was in the near future and we both needed to be rested for the crazy week ahead.

Currently, I’m covering the front desk for our receptionist.  Luckily, I’m able to use the time to blog more freely.  I have a ton of work waiting for me at my desk.  Tonight might be a late one, folks.  I’d still like to make it to the gym after work.  There’s a yoga class I’d like to try out.  I want to speak to the instructor ahead of time to see what she thinks about my knees.

Ok, I’m out of here for now.  I hope that your weekend was filled with as much (or more) summer fun as mine was.

Have a great day!