Shut Down

Good Morning, Friends!

I’m home sick today.  Would you believe I had to promise my mother last night that I wouldn’t go into work today?  I was always the kid trying to go to school, even if I had a high temperature and was feeling miserable.  Maybe that has a little to do with my perfectionist tendency, but I know that it had more to do with worrying about what I was going to miss and fearing falling behind the rest of the class.  I was never able to just rest easy and relax.

Anyway, I started feeling sick on Sunday and tried to rest in bed and read.  From Sunday afternoon until the early hours of this morning I had a constant headache that wouldn’t go away.  Thank goodness it finally seems to be gone (knock on wood).

Against Rob’s wishes I went to work yesterday.  There’s a big meeting going on today that I had to help prep for.  I went in knowing that I could always leave if I had to.  I just wanted to get a few things done to help my coworkers.  Everything seemed to be taking an extra long time for me to complete, due to the headache and then my temperature starting to rise.  It seemed to be one obstacle after another situating itself between me and getting myself out the door.  By the time I made it out of the office after 2PM I thought I was barely going to be able to make it home.  Luckily, there was no traffic at that time.  I whizzed home and plopped on the couch for the rest of the day.

In between episodes of sleep, I watched a few holiday movies that had been building up on the DVR.   By late evening I was starting to get worried because I wasn’t feeling any better at all.  Rob is away on a business trip, so there was no one to watch out for me.  My mom called to check in around that time.  It’s like she has radar.  I hope that I can be as good of a mom one day.  We think that I might have caught a bug, but this also seems to be what happens to me when I’m under a lot of stress.  My body just shuts down on me.

There’s one main source of stress in my life right now and I’m working on fixing the problem.  To be honest with you, my friends, I’ve been having some of my eating issues lately and I know that they stem from the stress.  My body physically shuts down, but emotionally I shut down too.  Rob had to pull me off of the stairs leading into the attic on Sunday because I was just standing on them crying with worry about the coming work week.

So, that’s where I’m at right now.  I’m not sitting here moping around today though.  I’m trying to stay positive and know that I’ll get myself into a better situation.  I’m going to relax, hopefully get rid of this bug and think about the good things coming in the near future.  Rob and I are thinking of moving this coming spring/summer, so I’m excited about our new home and being able to decorate it together.  I think that it will make me feel like it’s ours instead of me just living in Rob’s house, the way that I do now.  We’re looking in an area that reminds me of my home in CT.  I think that it would make for a little less home-sickness.  By the time January hits it will be 8 short months until my sister’s wedding.  I know those months will be filled with good times together leading up to the big day.  I also have a few creative things up my sleeve.  I’ll share them as they come along. 😉

So, it’s now time for this girly to cuddle up with a mug of hot tea and rest for a bit.

By the way, you know I’m sick when I let you see me with bed head, glasses and no makeup at all. 😉

I hope that you had a great weekend and that a wonderful week is in store for you.


Birthday Wishes

Hi Friends,

I’m currently blogging from bed.  I woke up this morning feeling even worse than yesterday. WTH? 😦  This bug doesn’t want to go away.  Rob has been sick since Saturday, but seems to be much better today, so I’m guessing the bug will run the same course for me.

We both went to the doctor yesterday and were given prescriptions.  I’m holding off one more day.  I really don’t like to take medicine.  I even hold off on taking Advil whenever I can.  The doctor noticed that my fingers were cold and also that I seemed to be dehydrated, even though I’ve been drinking a lot of water.  Even when I’m not sick I am ALWAYS cold.  Work bought be a foot heater just for that reason.  Anyway, she thought that I might have some thyroid issues and/or an iron deficiency (quite possible because my iron is always on the low side).  We’ll see what the test results find.  I was just glad to get everything out of the way at once.

My boss was away on business yesterday and came back to the office around 1 PM today.  Being the stubborn person that I am, I forced myself to go to work so that I could catch up on what I missed the past 2 days and also be there for his return.  One look at me and he told me that he was sending me home.  We went over a few things I had waiting for him and then he sent me on my way.

The drive home was actually not the greatest and I was happy to walk through the door, eat a little something and then jump into bed.  Rob came into the bedroom only to find me with my laptop out.  He said, “this is not what you should be doing”.  Yes, I know I have a problem.  I just can’t relax.  At least I’m in bed laying down, right?  I will try to put the laptop away after posting. “Try” being the key word. 😉

Even though we were both sick yesterday I wanted Rob’s birthday to be special.  I made a simple yet tasty dinner of London Broil, Roasted Potatoes & Carrots and String Beans.  The London Broil cooked a little quicker than I thought it would under the broiler, resulting in drier meat than I would have liked, but Rob assured me that he liked it and thanked me for making his birthday special.  I think he’s just really good at making me feel ok about things. 🙂

I had already given him his card and gift (a gift certificate for a hot stone massage) at breakfast, so he thought his special day was over.  He didn’t think he was ending his birthday without blowing some candles out to make a wish, did he?

Let There Be Cake

I got Rob’s favorite, a Carvel Ice Cream Cake.  I’ve always been a fan of the chocolate crunchies inside, myself.  Have you ever noticed that Carvel ice cream has a very distinct smell?

Bring on the Lights

Time to Make a Wish

Hoping All Your Wishes Come True, Rob!  Happy Birthday!

After fiddling with my cell phone to take pictures in the dark and realizing what a hassle it was, it definitely reminded me to get a move on buying a new camera!

Ok, now I’m honestly going to “try” to get some rest.  It’s almost the weekend. Hurray!


Birthday Wishes With a Sneeze

Hi There,

  I’m home sick, again.  My boss is in Florida for business today and he was kind enough to text me last night that I should just stay home if I wasn’t feeling 100% today.  Since he won’t be in the office I won’t be missing much, which made me feel better about taking the day.  I’m feeling much better than the past two days, but I’m still not completely ok.  I just feel a little off now (woozy head, congested, etc), but at least I sound pretty normal.

Today is Rob’s 33rd birthday.  I woke up after midnight to wish him a happy birthday and then rolled over and fell back to sleep.  What he recalls is me sneezing and spraying him with my wet slobber AND THEN wishing him a happy birthday.  I kind of recall that too.  Oops. 😉

Around 7:30 AM I was restless and got out of bed.  I truly have a difficult time sitting still.  I started cleaning the bathroom.  Then, I got Rob’s present out and asked him what the birthday boy wanted for breakfast.  He wanted his normal Starbucks breakfast which I hand delivered to him along with a Venti Awake tea for both of us.  The girl behind the counter was confused as to how I was drinking something so hot on a day like today, but she doesn’t realize just how much it makes my throat feel better.  Plus, when you’re sitting in air conditioning all day it really doesn’t matter how hot it is outside.  She doesn’t know that my sickness is holding me hostage indoors.

Rob had a few work appointments this morning, but should be back shortly.  I’m planning on cooking a special birthday dinner for him tonight.  Until then, this girly is going (to try) to rest.  I learned my lesson yesterday when I moved around too much and ended up nauseous. 😦  I can’t say Rob didn’t try to warn me a dozen times. 

Wishing you a great day!


Held Hostage on a Beautiful Day

Morning Friends!

It’s a beautiful day here in NY.

I’m stuck inside though.  Remember how my throat was feeling kind of sore yesterday?

I’m home, sick. 😦

Rob ended up being my hero yesterday.  He met me at my office to take the remote to my car to bring to Toyota and had it back to me within the hour.  Problem solved!  In the mean time, I was in a meeting with my boss who found out that my throat was off.  He told me, “DO NOT COME IN IF YOU’RE SICK!!”  I replied that I always try to come to work, unless I’m absolutely feeling horrible.  To which he told me not to feel bad if I don’t come in the next morning.

On my way home, I stopped at the store to FINALLY get that much-needed grocery shopping in.  I picked up lozenges to add to my treatment of cups upon cups of tea.  I started to feel a little better before bed, but Rob insisted that I wouldn’t be going in today.  He reminded me that it hit him hard and he landed in bed for 2 days.

Well, the man was right.  I woke up this morning in a stupor.  As I shuffled to the bathroom Rob said “You aren’t going in.”  I told him that I just wanted to see how my voice was and we both ended up laughing because you could barely hear me and my voice is kind of low.

I called my boss a few hours later to let him know.  As soon as he heard my voice he said “That voice!”  Haha.  He was really great about it though.  There was one company that I worked at where my boss would text me asking if I would be in the next day.  She hated covering for me (I ran the front desk) because she actually had to do some work.  Normally, she was able to skate by without doing much and she actually got away with it which still stuns some of us.  Anyway, I never felt at peace when I was sick there, but it is a different story now.

When I think back though, I was the same way with school.  I hated being out sick.  I used to argue with my mom about going.  I think that I hated missing out on lessons because I felt like I was going to fall behind.  The only time I really understood staying home was if I had a fever, I was throwing up or had something like pink eye.

Well, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with myself today.  I have a hard time just sitting around, but my cold is really kicking my butt. It’s such a shame that I can only enjoy the beautiful weather today from the sliding glass door of our kitchen.  I feel like I’m being held hostage!

Rob should be back from a meeting before noon, so at least I won’t be alone.  I’m thinking I might make some tea with honey (my mom’s remedy), fluff my pillows, get back into bed and find a good movie to watch.  Before Rob gets back, maybe I’ll watch a guilty pleasure of Saved By The Bell Reruns or something.

Unlike me, Zack would have used any excuse to stay home.  Am I right? 😉

How are you when it comes to being sick?  Do you push yourself to get to work/school or do you not having a problem taking the day to rest?

Have a great day!