Berry-Licious Kinda Day

Hey Guys!

The weekend is slowly coming to an end. I’m getting ready to settle in for the night and watch some mindless entertainment before heading to bed.  Before I do that, I just wanted to write a little about my day. 

Father’s Day is kind of rough for me.  My dad isn’t quite in the picture right now and things haven’t been right for over 10 years.  I haven’t been speaking with him for months, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t always on my mind.  Yesterday, I was torn about what today was going to bring.  I questioned whether I should contact my dad today or just let the day slip by.  One of my friends calls me “Mush” and the mush definitely came out today.  I was in the midst of making breakfast, which I’ll get to in a minute, when my mom called.  We both mentioned how today was bothering us and I told her that I felt like I should contact my dad.  She agreed and was happy that I would make contact.  I made the call after eating breakfast.  Initially, the conversation is always awkward, but it got better over time.  Sometimes I watch dads with their young kids and I get a lil emotional.  It makes me sad to remember the way things were (or at least seemed to be) while I was growing up.  I looked up to my dad and always tried to make him proud of me.  I hope to make our relationship better one day, but it can’t be only one-sided.  It’s unfortunate because my dad has 5 kids and is missing out on all of our milestones.  Each milestone is bittersweet.  He’s either there and there’s tension or he isn’t there and you feel like something is missing.  What I can be happy about is that I have the most wonderful mother in the world.  I may be biased. 😉  I couldn’t have asked for anyone better and will always appreciate her love and strength, even when her world was falling apart.

Ok, enough of the mush talking.  Let’s move onto something much better… breakfast!  Besides thoughts of my dad this morning I was thinking of those berries I picked up at Whole Foods yesterday.  I already knew I’d be making pancakes with fresh berries.  I tried to get some studying in before breakfast, but I swear those berries were calling to me from the fridge.  Eventually, I stopped reading and made my way to the kitchen.  It was time to get down to business. 

The berries were the stars of the show this morning.  My pancakes actually fell a little flat today.  I think that I might have added too much water while making the batter, because they didn’t seem to rise the way they normally do.  A side of my usual egg whites were paired with the pancakes.  Despite the thin-ish pancakes, I still fully enjoyed my breakfast and walked away with a happy belly. 

Since I was in a berry kinda mood this morning, I completed my meal with some blueberry coffee.  It was SO GOOD!  I haven’t had that coffee since last summer and forgot just how good it was.  I’m so happy that I pulled it out to make this morning.  I’m actually almost out of it and have to remember to order more.

This Was Berry Good 😉

After cleaning up, I headed over to my mom’s condo.  I spent the remainder of the day with her.  We made our way to Kohl’s and Home Goods.  I wanted to show her the dish set I ordered yesterday and I walked away with a few glasses that I was unable to find online.  I was glad that I still had my 15% off coupon with me.  I’m definitely not made of money, so I try to save in any way that I can.

After some shopping, we headed over to my sister’s house.  My sister (Melissa) and her boyfriend (Paul) just moved into a house up the hill from my mom’s condo.  It makes me feel much more comfortable knowing that my mom has loved ones close by.  We tried to help Melissa in the kitchen by lining drawers, cleaning cabinets and then polishing them.  Paul was in the middle of building a shelving unit for the bedroom closet.  Everything is coming along and I’m truly thrilled for them.  I can’t wait to see the end result!

My brother, D.J., is home for the summer and was waiting at the condo for us.  My mom had some beef marinating and made some skewers for us, which were delish!  I believe it was a Paula Deen recipe.  I’ll find out and post it in the near future.  I most definitely would make the recipe myself.  I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and was starving.  So, I munched on some (camera shy) carrots and hummus while dinner was cooking.  It held me over until those skewers made their way to my plate.  Couscous was the perfect addition to the beef and veggies.



My Plate

De-Skewered & Ready to be Devoured!

After helping my mom clean up, I was back in the car to go home.  It has been a LONG and somewhat emotional day.  I’m ready to chill.  I hope that you had a great day and that this work week brings you the best!