Bananas & Chocolate

Happy Saturday!

Time to wash away this past week and partake on a few days of relaxation and fun.  I’m sure we all have errands to run, but I’m hoping the next two days are filled with lots of good things for ya!

Well, if my day wasn’t exhausting enough yesterday, I noticed that my few remaining bananas were becoming overripe.  I would have waited until today to do something with them, but a tiny fruit fly decided to harass me as I washed the dishes from dinner and I knew something had to be done….IMMEDIATELY!

Two bananas went straight to the freezer to be used for future shakes or maybe to finally try Gena’s  Banana Soft Serve.  😉

Then, I pulled out my trusty Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin recipe from my Cook Yourself Thin cookbook, got the oven heating up, and went to town with it all.  This recipe is easy and I quickly got the batter whipped up.  Fifteen minutes in the oven and you’ll have perfection on a plate!

These are nice sized, moist muffins for about 200 calories!  I don’t use the nuts, so mine are a little less, calorie-wise.


While my muffins were in the oven, I brewed some blueberry cobbler coffee so I could have iced coffee on hand for this weekend.  I’m really enjoying having it right in my fridge to enjoy whenever I choose!

This weekend is going to be BUSY!  I have lots of reading to do for my course, there are errands to run, and some cleaning to do.

A coworker also asked if I could bake some cookies for her children’s teachers, as part of their end of the year gift.  She knows that I love to bake and saw some of my cookie displays from this past Christmas, so she hired me to make an assortment for her!

Now, I’m off to the gym to get my sweat and pump on!  A little later, I’ll be meeting up with my friend, Kelly, to go for a walk and then hit up our old favorite hangout. I’m looking forward to it!

Have you tried Gena’s banana soft serve yet?  I’ve been eyeing it for a while now, but don’t have a food processor.  I do have a gift card to Bed, Bath & Beyond so maybe I will head over there this weekend to pick one up!  🙂

Have you ever tried a recipe from either of the Cook Yourself Thin cookbooks?  Every recipe I’ve tried so far has been a success!  You can find many of the recipes here.

Talk to ya later!