Getting Back In The Groove

Hey There!

Well, I’m finally back in the groove of a typical work day.   I am extremely sleep deprived today.  I’m not sure if it’s stress from all of the changes happening in my life or a reaction to the cortisone shot I had yesterday.  Once my eyelids started finally started getting heavy (3AM!) I couldn’t get into a comfortable position for my knee.  Belly down it was and I finally drifted off to sleep at some unreasonable hour.  I think the only thing that pulled me through this morning were the beams of sunlight streaming into my bedroom through the blinds.  My view definitely isn’t anything as gorgeous as what I saw from my hotel room window each morning in Mexico, but there’s something about sunshine that gets me going. 

I pulled my sleepy butt out of bed and got ready, but kept forgetting things.  Actually, during my drive I realized that I left some necessary items at my apartment that I’m going to need for tomorrow.  Errrr!!!!  To the mall I will go after work, because I need to head to Long Island tonight and my apartment is in the complete opposite direction.  Being sleep deprived with a debit card in hand at the mall might not be the best decision, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  Ya know?  😉  I will share more about my reasoning for all of that at a later time.  I’m trying to be careful what I post because you never know who might be reading.

Anyway, work is going pretty quickly today.  I’ve been busy working on some new projects and time seems to fly for me when I’m busy.  I actually have to say that this is one of those days where there is just the right amount of work.  No thumb twiddling yet no wanting to rip my hair out either. Perfect! 

Shortly, I’ll be leaving to do a bank run for the office.  I’ve been wearing my ballet flats lately, which should help with the knee.  I imagine that years of jobs where I had to stand for hours and wearing high heels played a part in my knee issues lately.  I’ve never had the greatest knees, but those factors surely didn’t help.  My boyfriend and I also noticed that I tend to point my toes inward as I walk or if I’m just standing around.  I keep catching myself do it and am trying to make a conscious effort to keep those toes pointed straight.  I’ll keep that in mind as I make my walk down the hill to the bank.

Even with all of the craziness going on in my life I’m in a happy mood.  There’s a lot of good going on in my life right now and also in the lives of those who I care about.  My sister, Jess, will be getting married within a year and is looking for houses with her fiance.  They’ll also be living in Long Island.  Yay!  I’m so happy to finally be living in the same area as her.  It’s been over 10 years now that we’ve been in different states!  She’ll be turning 30 next month and this girly right here has her 32nd (GASP) birthday on Thursday.  Where does the time go?!?!  We’re all getting together this Saturday for a family birthday party for me.  I’m looking forward to some of my mother’s wonderful cooking.  It’s the best!  I may be biased, but no one else’s seems to compare.  Next month we’ll do something special for Jess.  I’m also looking forward to meeting up with my sisters towards the end of next month for brunch and outlet shopping out east in Long Island.  We never get quality alone time together.  There will be lots of girl talk, laughs and wedding planning going on.  I can’t wait!

Ok, time to make that bank run.  If I have some time tonight there will be a post with a teaser from my time in Mexico.  Then, over the course of this week and next I’ll do a full day by day recap for you.  I can’t wait to share my pictures with you.  I still don’t think they could ever do justice to what I saw with my own eyes.  Everything was absolutely beautiful.  I felt like I was in another world.  My boyfriend promised that we will visit again.  That’s one thing I’ll absolutely hold him to.  🙂

Hope the rest of your day is a great one!




Hola Mis Amigos!

I’m back, tan and refreshed from the daily grind.  Oh how I wish I could rewind and spend another week in Mexico!! 

I’m sure you can imagine what a week away does to one’s desk at work.  I walked in this morning to my L-shaped desk being covered with various piles of papers.  There wasn’t even a note to explain what everything was.  I kept chipping away at the piles over the course of the day and am pleased with how I left things this afternoon.  I tried to work quickly because I had to rush out early to get to another knee doctor appointment.

Of course, you know they took me late, even though I battled traffic while biting my nails in order to get there on time.  What made me smile was realizing that: #1- The sun was still shining & #2 – There wasn’t a flake of snow to be seen anywhere on the ground.  I smell spring!  Bring it on!!

After speaking with my doctor we decided that I should have a cortisone shot in my knee.  Hopefully, this will turn things around for me; otherwise, I’ll have to go in for an MRI and who knows what that might bring.  😦  It is feeling a bit better now and I hope it continues to progress this way.  The doctor ok’d me for lower body exercise and cardio if I get through this week without any pain.  Fingers crossed!  I am getting antsy not being allowed to workout.

Currently, I’m sitting in Starbuck’s parking lot, sipping a tall nonfat misto.  My landlord is showing my apartment so I had to make myself scarce.  Of course, I forgot to bring my camera with me to show you all how beautiful everything was in Mexico.  I promise to get those pics up for you over the course of the week.  We did a lot of relaxing in the sun, cooling off in the water, taking in the scenery, laughing with each other and even went on an adventure outside of the resort.  All I can say is that I may or may not have been scared to death more than a few times during the adventure.  I’m alive and proud of myself though.  What a way to end my 31st year!

Now, I’m going to make a quick grocery store run because my fridge is practically bare.  I need to keep in mind that I’m moving in a few weeks and should keep my purchases to only the things I absolutely need over this short span of time.  Going to the grocery store for me is like a little kid going to Disney World.  Well, maybe not quite that good, but I do love a good grocery run.  😉

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!