Return From My Blogging Lapse

My Dear Friends,

So sorry for such a lapse in posting.  Work has been absolutely nutzo lately!  The time and energy to blog just hasn’t been there for me, but I’m hoping to get myself on some sort of schedule (either before work or after) in the coming weeks.

The holidays have been a whirlwind.  I can’t believe that the New Year is already upon us.  I feel like stores have been pushing each holiday way sooner than they should be.  I know they always do this, but it seemed to be at an extreme this year.  Have you felt that way at all?  I think they started pushing Halloween towards the end of August.  As much as I love candy corn, there’s something just wrong about it sitting on store shelves before fall has hit.

Thanksgiving went by in a flash!  Rob sent me to CT, via ferry, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving so I could spend some extra time with my family.  It was so nice being around everyone that I love and miss so much! 

All of the bedrooms were occupied, so my mom and I camped out on the living room couches while watching Lifetime movies.  I think that I saw more of the back of my eyelids than the actual movies, but it was nice being tucked in and spending some alone time with my mom.  I love that woman SO MUCH!

My sister and her boyfriend were great hosts the following day, to our family and his.  As we grow older traditions are changing.  Change is so hard for me.  I love routines and our special traditions.  I feel like something is missing when we don’t do things exactly the way we have for 30+ years. 

On a side note, how did I become old enough to have experienced that many Thanksgivings?!?!  SCARY!! 😉

No matter what, the most important thing is being surrounded by those closest to me.

 Maybe having a few of my Aunt’s pizzelles too….

Being able to see my Aunt was even better though.  🙂

I hope you’re able to slow down and enjoy this holiday season.  Between work, daily “to-dos” and all of the extra tasks that come with the holidays sometimes we forget what it’s really all about.

Be back soon!


(A Belated) Happy Fourth of July!

I just realized that this post was never published.  😦  I still want my wish to reach you and I’m hoping that the holiday was a great one for you!


Wishing You and Your Family a Fun-Filled & Safe Fourth!


I’ll be back tomorrow with a regular post.