Divide & Conquer

Hi Friends!

Do you believe it’s already Tuesday?!  I can’t!  Weekends always seem to fly by, even the long ones, such as this past weekend.  I guess the saying is true that time flies when you’re having fun.  I’m staying positive by reminding myself that this is only a four day work week. Woot woot! 😉

I was happy to have the extra day this weekend.  My mind and body needed it to recover from the major stress I’ve been dealing with over the past few weeks.  Weekends never seem long enough.  You want to enjoy them, but you also know that they are really the only days to get things done that you are unable to during the work week.  Aside from Sunday, we had some great weather and neither Rob nor I wanted to be stuck inside doing chores.  Instead of sticking together to complete our tasks we decided to divide and conquer.  That way we’d be done with everything in about half the time, leaving us with additional time to enjoy our time off.

Rob and his brother teamed up to move Rob’s boat trailer and then move his brother’s living room furniture (a new rug was being installed).  To best utilize my time, I decided to get the laundry started, cleaned up around the house a bit and then headed off to get the oil changed in my car.  After getting lost and going 6 miles out of my way I finally found Jiffy Lube.  Let’s just knock that up to me still being new to the area.  My car lease is up in November and I think that this will be the last time I need to get the oil changed, for this car anyway.  After feeling like a piece of meat and having my savings stolen from me, I headed back to the house to join Rob for lunch. 

The rest of our Saturday was spent lazily relaxing both inside and out.  We made dinner out of a hodge podge of things in the fridge and then headed out to see Transformers: Dark of the Moon. 


We both enjoyed the movie but agreed that there were parts that were a bit drawn out, making the movie longer than we would have liked.  All in all, it was a good movie though and a nice way to end the night.

Sunday, I was lucky enough to have my two favorite people in the same room together.  Rob and I made the drive to CT to visit with my mom for the afternoon.  I was so happy to see her, especially because I haven’t seen her since Mother’s Day!  We usually speak to each other at least once or twice per day, but it’s never the same as actually getting a hug from her.

On the way home I started feeling a lil sick. 😦  I’m not sure if it was car sickness or something that I ate.  I’ve actually been having tummy issues and headaches since Friday, so it could have been related to whatever that was.  As a result, I was out of commission for hours.  Rob covered me with a blanket, made sure I had everything that I needed and then we both took short naps with the tv on in the background.  The rest of the evening was low key and relaxing.  The sun even made an appearance, which put me in better spirits.

Yesterday morning, I woke up again not feeling quite right.  If Rob wasn’t there I never would have made it to the gym to get a great arm workout in.  Then, we made it out on the Jet Ski for a few hours of sun and water adventures.  We may or may not have taken a spill, but it was all good.  😉  During a pit stop on the ride home, I found some beautiful shells, which I decided to take back with me and leave on my work desk to remind me of the fun times. 


Shells also remind me of my Grandmother.  She might not have had all the money in the world, but you always knew that she was thinking of you. She’d return from the beach with a collection of shells.  Then, she’d write the date and where she found them so that she could give them to us as a token of her love.

I think that the sun and water fun wiped Rob and me out.  We didn’t do much the remainder of the day, but we did see a spectacular fireworks display from our very own hot tub.  Rob made the underwater lights change colors (That was our contribution to the fireworks. Lol.) and then we gazed into the sky to watch the fireworks being set off by our surrounding neighbors.  They were everywhere!  I felt like a child looking out into the night to see the sky light up in color.

Not a bad way to end the Fourth, huh? I quite enjoyed it.  🙂

Now, here I sit with the long weekend already behind me.  There’s still a lot to look forward to this summer, including a bunch of special people’s birthdays this month and also my 1 year anniversary with Rob.

Ok, I best be going.  I hope that your weekend was everything that you hoped it would be!