Breaking My Fresh Start on a Monday Ritual

Hi There!

We’ve made it to the middle of the week my friends.  Just a few more days until the weekend and I can’t wait!  There’s nothing particularly special planned, at least that I’m aware of, but I always look forward to spending some down time with Rob.  It’s the little things, like being able to grab some Starbucks together and go for a drive.  Those are the times that I enjoy most.

I Love Every Moment With This Guy

He Makes Me Smile

Moving along….

It’s the second day of my new program and I love it!  I received my program Monday evening and started scouring through all of the information immediately.  Let me tell ya, it was a lot to take in.  I jotted down what I needed for the following morning and was up and at ‘em first thing to get my workout in.

Rob thought I was a nut because I was up even earlier than usual to fit everything in.  I really think this is a great, healthy and well structured program that will keep me on track to reach my fitness goals.  I’m looking forward to the transformation to unfold before my eyes.  Wouldn’t it be nice if it happened as easily as I just stated?  😉 

It’s going to take a lot of hard work and discipline, but this is my dream, right?  Sometimes, you have to sacrifice to get the end result you’re hoping for.

Normally, I like to start new routines on Mondays. 

I guess it’s the feeling that you’re starting along with a new work week.  The slate is wiped clean and you’re ready for a fresh start.  It’s become a ritual of mine for the past decade or so. 

When I received my program on Monday night I told myself that this time was going to be different.  Life doesn’t wait for the right moment to make things happen and neither was I!  I wasn’t going to wait an ENTIRE week just so I could begin my new journey on a Monday.  No sir!  Now, when Monday comes around again I’ll already be 7 days closer to my goal than if I had waited.  Sounds good to me!

Now, it’s just about time to get back to work.  I don’t know how I’m not falling asleep at my desk right now.  Between the gray weather, the early mornings, the late to beds and kicking booty in my workouts I’m wiped out!

Do you have any rituals with starting something new in your life?

Have a great day!


I’m On Fire

Good Morning Friends!

How’s this Monday treating you so far?  So far, so good in my neck of the woods.  It’s a beautiful sunny day here in NY.  It would be perfect if it weren’t quite so chilly.  I keep reminding myself of what we went through last year with all of the snow, so I’ll definitely take some cold instead of mounds of the white stuff that dominated our area last winter.

I have to tell you that I have a fire lit within me.  It’s been building up since last week when two wonderful opportunities fell into place for me.  I don’t know how to contain all of the energy that’s building up inside right now.  I have an inkling that I better reserve it for the workouts that I’m sure will be kicking my booty in the very near future. 😉

As I mentioned in my last post, I think I found a wonderful trainer who is going to help me FINALLY reach my fitness goals.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m healthier and happier than I’ve been in years.  I wasn’t lying when I created my original goals for the new year.  For me, this new goal is about challenging myself.  Like I said in my new year goals, this year is all about working on my health & fitness.  I’m looking to bring some consistency to my fitness routine and drive myself to be a better version of myself.  I’m not looking to see a certain number on the scale; however, if I should shed a few lbs I’m not going to complain.  I want to see how far I can push myself and bring my body to a new fitness level.  Of course, I want to do this in the healthiest way possible, which is why I took to twitter to find the best of the best.  By the way, social media is amazing!  How did we ever get by without it? 😉

You may also remember that my goals included “Make a dream come true“.  I didn’t elaborate at the time, but this was one of them.

Now, you may be wondering what the second opportunity is.  Am I right?  Am I? Am I?  🙂 

The second opportunity will actually make a second dream of mine a reality.  Man, second month into the new year and I’m crossing things off that list of mine!!

Well, for just about a year I’ve had my eyes set on the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), but it just didn’t seem to be in the cards for me financially.  Between the car accidents, moving, leasing a new car and other random expenses my dream kept getting pushed to the wayside.

The fabulous Nicole from Making Good Choices became my inspiration.  After graduating from IIN she left her job as a teacher to follow her passion.  She has stayed in touch with me ever since and has reminded me that it was a possibility for me too.  Recently, she contacted me about an opportunity that I might be interested in.  With Rob’s help I was able to take that opportunity and finally make my dream of getting my health coach certification a reality. Yay!

PS: Nicole, not sure if you know it, but your simple statement that you were happy and I could be too is what sealed the deal for me.  I knew it was the right decision when I was stuck at work late on a Friday AGAIN and not getting paid for it. I made the phone call as soon as I got home Friday night. 🙂

Fun Lil Fact About Me: Going away to college my freshman year, I had wanted to major in nutrition.  My parents thought that weight/nutrition was already too much a part of my life and steered me in a different direction.  Being the goody-two-shoes pleaser that I am I listened.  My parents didn’t do it to hurt me. They truthfully thought it was the best decision for me not to go into the field.  I’ve been kicking myself ever since for not being strong enough to follow my dreams. 

Well, friends, I’m finally back on track.  I feel like I’m on the path to what I was truly meant to do in life.  Now, maybe you can understand why my heart feels like it just might burst with all of this pent-up energy.

The next year is going to be filled with challenges and a lot of hard work, but I’m ready for it!  I just keep visualizing the journey and what the outcome is going to be.  Nothing is going to get in my way.  I’m On Fire!

Wishing you a wonderful week!


16 Weeks

Hi Friends!

I know it’s been a while. As great of an idea as it is to bring my laptop to work and blog during lunch it only works when I actually get to take my lunch break, which hasn’t been often, recently. 😦

Our computer network has been down for about an hour so I figured it was as good of a time as any to actually take my break today. Want to know what’s even better? The weather is GORGEOUS today! GORGEOUS!!

Today has been pretty positive, aside from the muttering at my desk.  You see, with the system being down, I’m unable to finish a ton of reports that need to be sent out. It’s annoying enough that the system is down, but to top it off I’ve already done these reports once before and our system didn’t have the most up to date information downloaded. I’m not talking about 1 or 2 reports. I’m talking more than 50. Sigh….

Ok, back to the positive. My day began with an awesome sweat session at the gym. I knocked out some cardio and then rocked a weight workout. My face was glistening by the time it was over and done with. Just how I like it!

Over the past week I’ve been rethinking my goals. A few months ago I mentioned wanting to step on stage for a fitness competition and after a bad experience with a trainer I decided to put the goal on the backburner. I took some time to be more balanced and focus on health, opposed to achieving a certain weight/fitness goal.

Well, the itch to achieve that forever dream of mine has been hitting me pretty strong recently. Over the weekend I tweeted to find out how to get connected with a trainer who has competition experience. Through another fitness competitor I found my answer.

I reached out to her recommended trainer last night and received not only quick feedback, but detailed. I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but I continued to get candy coated answers with the last trainer I was using and I was becoming extremely frustrated. I loved that the trainer who responded to me gave feedback, point-by-point, in response to the questions I asked of her. She won major points in my eyes just from one e-mail. She also showed concern as far as what was best for me (Ex: what worked out financially). She would help me make it work depending on what I had to work with. Bonus points for her!

I spoke to Rob about it last night. I believe I began the conversation with “Do you think you’ll kill me if I decided I want to compete again?” LOL. There might have been some eye rolling and the mention that maybe I should just get a dog, but in the end he supports me know matter what I decide to do. He just wants me to be healthy and happy. I might have mentioned to him that they have a couples program, but he exclaimed that after seeing how I workout he wants nothing to do with it. Ha-ha. Hey, go hard or go home, right? 😉

So, after Rob went to bed, I was up until the wee hours of the morning looking over the trainer’s website and the transformation stories there. Before my head hit the pillow I knew what I was going to do. I just had to see what the trainer suggested as to how many weeks it would take me to make the transformation I am looking for.

16 Weeks…

Are you ready to take the ride with me?  I’m so looking forward to seeing the end result!

Hope your first month in the new year got off to a great start for you.  Let’s make the 2nd month even better!! Have any of your goals/resolutions changed now that we’re a month into 2012?  Tell me.  I want to know. 🙂


2012 – Making The List

Hi Friends!

Hope this week is treating you kindly so far.  Going through the same old stuff over here.  I’m actually a day ahead of myself.  Last night, I couldn’t believe that it was only Monday.  Only Monday? Seriously? How sad is that?  Today, I’m totally thinking that it’s Wednesday.  Oh well.  Some weeks move like lightning and others like molasses.  This just happens to be a molasses kind of week. 😉

Currently, I’m sitting in my car.  If I don’t get out of the office I end up getting pulled into things, which leads to:

  • Not taking lunch.
  • Not fitting my blogging in.
  • Not being able to read about what’s going on in my favorite people’s lives (Including but not limited to: Melissa, Lisa, Nicole & Melissa #2.)
  • Starting to feel drained before the 5 PM whistle blows.
  • All of the above (which is most of the time).

For Christmas, my mom got me this handy bag for work.

I filled it up with all of my essentials and made a pact that I’d go out to my car during lunch, at least a few times a week, to take a breather and blog.  So, here I sit.

Man, look at those bags under my eyes.  Someone needs better sleep!

My morning started out with a 30 minute sweat session on the elliptical.  I admit, it was a major struggle pulling myself out from under the covers this morning.  I’ve been feeling extremely tired lately, even though I’ve been going to bed at a reasonable hour.  So, I’m thinking this is due to my body being run down from that cold I can’t seem to get rid of.  I’m sure work stress has something to do with it, as well. 

The only thing that made me jump up was knowing that Rob’s car was parked behind me in the driveway and I’d have to get up anyway to move it.  Why not move it and get a gym session in, right?  I was pumped once my workout was over and done with.  I might have to park in front of Rob more often. 😉

Before January (and 2012) gets away from me I wanted to post my goals for the new year. 

I’m proud to say that for once there is no weight loss goal within my resolutions.  I’m over it!  I’m at a healthy weight and want to work on health and fitness more than focusing on weight loss.  If I happen to lose some weight in the process I won’t complain, but that isn’t my main goal.  I’ll post more about my current nutrition decision in an upcoming post.

There are some major events happening in 2012…

  • My Mom’s 60th Birthday – April
  • My Brother’s Graduation From College (He’s the last of the 5 siblings finishing up school) – May
  • My Sister’s Bridal Shower, Bachelorette & Wedding! (The 1st of the 5 siblings to get married) – Summer 2012
  • Other fabulous things will be sprinkled throughout the year, as well, but these are the MAJOR events.

With all that going on, I want to be at my best (mentally, physically & spiritually).  This is going to be a great year.  I CAN FEEL IT!!

I broke my goals into 3 categories:

  1. Fitness/Health – Be Consistent
  2. Love, Family & Friends – Be Grateful
  3. Self/Life – Become More Well-Rounded & Fulfilled

Here’s what made my list:

  1. Fitness/Health – Be Consistent
    1. Weight Train 2-3 days/week
    2. Cardio 2-3 days/week
    3. Add yoga & stretching to my routine.
    4. Train for an event. (I’m looking at this one:
    5. Be able to do at least 5 unassisted pull-ups.
    6. Work on my disordered eating.
    7. Schedule all doctor/dentist appointments. (I’m not consistent with this annually)
    8. Drink at least 64 oz of water/day.
    9. Take my multivitamin daily.
  2. Love, Family & Friends– Be Grateful
    1. Plan more things with Rob (dates, trips, experiences, etc).
    2. See my family more often.
    3. Plan time with friends.
    4. Reach out to friends/family I’ve lost touch with.
    5. Take more pictures of those I love – Create a scrapbook.
    6. Make as many great memories as possible.
    7. Some of my goals in this category are missing b/c they will be surprises for the people in my life, some of whom frequent the blog.  😉
  3. Self/Life– Become More Well-Rounded & Fulfilled
    1. Follow current events. (I’m horrible with this)
    2. Get into a groove with blogging. (Think I found the solution to this. Anyone else blog from their car?)  😉
    3. Take more pictures.
    4. Read at least 1 book per month.
    5. Volunteer (find something I’m passionate about and donate my time)
    6. Do nice things for myself (mani, pedi, new clothes, etc)
    7. Learn to speak up and take initiative!
    8. Take classes (photography, baking, cooking, nutrition, etc)
      1. I really want to sign up for baking classes offered by The Cake Boss!
    9. Experiment with my baking and start selling.
    10. Make a dream come true (can’t elaborate on this right now, but will when the time is right).
    11. Go to church more consistently (aka not only on holidays).

There are a few things I’m unable to list right now, but will be able to when the time is right.  I don’t want to spoil some surprises for others and also have to be careful about certain things I post here.  The time will come when I will be able to share, so definitely stay tuned. 🙂

My goal list is extensive, but I think that I can manage everything I’m hoping to.  I’m looking to fill my life with an assortment of positive things and be more balanced in all aspects of life.  Things tend to be one-sided with me (work, work, work, etc).  I also have an all or nothing type of personality, which stems from that darn perfectionist trait of mine. 😉

So, that’s my goal list.  What made your list this year?

Man, my lunch hour is already over.  That went way too fast!  It was certainly nice to step away from my desk and do something I enjoy though.

Wishing you a great day!


Pressing the Reset Button

Hi Friends!

It’s been forever since I’ve had the chance to write.  Between craziness at work, the holidays and coming down with an awful cold there hasn’t been time for much lately.  It’s a whole new year though.  Can you believe it?!  I feel like 2011 went by in the blink of an eye!

With the new year comes a clean slate.  It’s a time to reflect on the past (without lingering too long about our “should’ve, could’ve, would’ve”s) and move forward with knowledge gained from the past year.  

While listening to the radio on my way into work the other day someone mentioned a reset button.  It made me start thinking how the change from one year into the next is like pressing an imaginary reset button, kind of like Staples’ “easy button”. 

This yearly reset allows us to wipe the slate clean and start fresh with our resolutions for the new year.  What we mentally weren’t ready to do a week prior is now our mission, once the magic ball drops from the sky, ringing in our new year.

I have to say that I was in a negative place towards the end of 2011.  I was disgruntled with work issues, which then began to seep into other areas of my life.  I began struggling with eating issues again, as a result, which led to a variety of emotions including: sadness, disappointment and anger.  Of course, I’m like an open book.  I definitely wear my emotions on my sleeve and even when I tried to hide them Rob knew something was wrong.  My being down brought him down too and that isn’t what I wanted at all. 😦

Nothing magically changed overnight, from 2011 into 2012.  I woke up with the same issues, but I think that being able to press the reset button in my mind has given me some clarity and peace of mind.  I wrote some goals for myself which I’ll share in another post.  Rob and I are in the process of writing some goals for ourselves as a couple, as well.  It’s so easy to say “we’ll do it one day”, but as we learned in 2011 with the loss of some loved ones, life is WAY too short to put things off for “one day”.  I loved that it was Rob’s idea for the goals as a couple.  Sometimes, he’s a complete mush-ball.  Don’t tell his friends or family that.  It’s our secret, ok?  😉

I have many plans for 2012, with consistent blogging being included.  So, my friends, I will be back soon to fill you in on some goals of mine and catch up about life, in general.

Wishing you a new year filled with much happiness, many smiles, good health, success & fond memories!


30, 60 & 90

Hi Friends,

  Can you forgive me for disappearing…again?  Pretty please?  😉

  Work and life in general have been extremely busy lately.  It seems that there’s never enough time in a day/week to get everything that I need to done.  Granted, many of the things filling up my time are positive, but sometimes you want to be able to take a breather and actually be able to live and enjoy the moment.

  Somehow, after making my announcement about competing I completely went off course.  I’m sure that it has something to do with feeling a ton of stress and being overwhelmed with life in general.  I’m getting back on track now and moving forward.

  In my Stress & Dreaming post, I mentioned that I needed to figure out my goals.  I decided that the next few months will best be used just to see what my body can do.  I don’t want to put extra stress on myself to compete right at this time, knowing that work is crazy and that the holidays are nearly upon us.  I figured that I would take this time to get into my groove, making my workouts consistent and also upping my calories (which is more of a mental struggle than anything else, if you can believe it). 

  I also don’t want to feel deprived during the special occasions that will be popping up over the next few months.  Aside from the holidays, I have special get-togethers with family (for my sister’s upcoming wedding) and also with other friends who are getting married and/or are reaching other special milestones in their lives.  I could do it if I wanted to, but I know that these are the things that set me up for failure and I’m just not going to put myself in that situation anymore.  I’m creating a lifestyle for myself that I can stick with for LIFE.   

  Learning balance and moderation is important.  Prepping for a show is only temporary; it’s what you do the rest of the year that will keep you healthy and at your happy weight.  You don’t want to have to do anything drastic to get to ready for a show.  You also don’t want to have huge fluctuations in weight before and after your show.

  So, what are my goals, you ask?  We broke them down to 30, 60 & 90 days.  My coach and I got very specific as to how I’ll reach these goals, but I figured that you don’t want to know all the nitty gritty.  Here we go:

  30 Day Goals

  1. Lean & Tighten My Legs
  2. Tighten & Lift My Tush
  3. Flatten My Lower Stomach Pooch
  4. Lose About 5 lbs.
  5. Get My Body/Mind Into a Healthy Place.

  60 Day Goals (This will be added to see where I end up at 30 days)

  1. Be Able to Rock a Bikini Whenever I Decide I’d like to Put One On. (Don’t want anything flopping around. LOL)

  90 Day Goals (This will be added to once I see where 60 days brings me)

  1. End 2011 in a Much Different Place Than How I Started.

Meaning, my new years resolution will not be “I will lose X amount of weight.”  Instead, it will be “I’m healthy & happy with where I am, but in 2012 I’m going to step up on stage.”  It will also be, “I will be happy with myself for my sister’s wedding in August so that I can live in the moment and enjoy it, instead of worrying about how I look.”

    2.    Be Able to Wear a Smokin’ Outfit for New Years Eve, If I So Choose.

  Ok, it’s back to the grind for me.  I have lots of pics to share from my sister’s engagement party.  Be ready to take it all in!

Have a great day!


Stressing & Dreaming

Hi Friends!

We’re over the hump and into the tail end of the week.  Hallelujah!

I’ve been extremely stressed lately with things at work and the usual stressors that most of us face.  I can tell ya that stress doesn’t do this body good.  I panic.  I linger over the things that I don’t have any control over.  I become depressed.  I know there are other ways to deal with stress more positively and I’m working on them.  There are certain things within my grasp that I know will make me happy (or at least I think they will), but due to certain factors like finances they slip through my fingers.

Stressors aside, life is good.  I couldn’t ask for better people in my life.  I’m healthy and what do you really have without your health and people who love you?  These are the things I have to remind myself of when I’m down.

I know you all know my dreams of doing something with nutrition and/or baking.  They continue to be goals of mine and I’m taking steps to make it happen.  They might be teeny tiny steps, but at least I’m moving forward.  There’s one dream I don’t think I’ve shared with you yet though….

Around the time I reached my lowest weight while suffering from my eating disorder, I was in the grocery store with my mom and my eyes spotted a Muscle & Fitness magazine.  This was before the days where fitness magazines focusing on women lined the shelves.  The magazine was geared more towards men reaching their fitness goals, but the woman on the cover caught my attention.  She was athletic  looking.  Slender, but with apparent muscle. She looked healthy which I knew I looked the opposite of.  At that point, I was like a sack of bones.  The moment I saw the magazine I KNEW that I had to change and that her figure was really my ideal.

Things didn’t magically change after getting my hands on that copy of Muscle & Fitness.  This has been a long journey and I’ve struggled to be healthy for years.  Am I much better than I was that day?  Yes, sure am.  Am I cured of my struggles?  No, but I fight them and will never give up.

I mention the magazine and what my ideal became because EVER SINCE THAT DAY I’ve wanted to compete in a figure show.  I’ve tried a few times to work towards getting on stage.  The nutrition always threw me because of my disordered eating mentality.  I knew when to back off because I didn’t want to travel further down any bad roads again.  Over the years my weight has fluctuated, but I’ve never been back at my highest or lowest weights again, fortunately.

Recently, a coach reached out to me.  When I disappeared on her, she didn’t just let me drift away, like a leaf in the wind.

She pulled me back and questioned what was going on.  It was at that time that I questioned things myself and turned a “no” into a “yes”.

I can feel it in my bones that THIS is the time.

My thinking has changed.  I’m not just looking to lose weight or fit into a certain size.  This time, I’m working to just be healthy.  Over the years, I’ve done so much to my body.  I thought that my metabolism was shot and that I’d never be able to eat more than 1200-ish calories.  I was wrong.  We’re working on repairing this poor body of mine and getting me far down the road to good health.

While I tend to make my life much more difficult than it needs to be, I can see how I can make this a lifestyle for life, through compromise on both our parts (my coach and me).  She switched things up to meet my needs and I need to let her “control the bus a little” (as she says).

Friends, I’m going to do it this time.  This is one dream I know I can make a reality.  No matter what else is going on in my life this is something that not many other factors have control over other than the hard work I need to put in.  Obviously, if my body can’t handle it or something seems like it will trigger me I will stop or see what we can do to make changes that won’t trigger me.

It’s funny because I’m so shy in person.  My mom says that stepping on stage, in a bikini of all things, is so not like me.  I think that everyone I know will have jaws on the floor when I reach this goal.  It isn’t because they don’t believe in me, but just that it’s so unlike me to be center stage.  It’s been a goal for so long though and I just can’t seem to let it go.  I think that I will kick myself years from now if I don’t at least give it a fair shot.

So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 😉  Now, I’m looking to you to keep me accountable.

I still have to figure out a goal date, but will know that in the very near future.  My first goal date won’t necessarily be to step on stage.  Rather, I’d like to see what my body can do and actually visit a show in person to take everything in.  We’ll set a target date to see how my body responds to different things and then go from there.

I’m going to work on keeping you updated daily on certain things (like hitting certain targets), but haven’t figured out exactly what targets just yet.  I’ll still keep you up to date on my random adventures and thoughts.  Fitness will just take up a little more space on the blog.  What do you think?

I’ll leave you with that for now and fill you in as I know more.

Have a great day!


Workout Switch Up

Hi Friends,

Man, it feels like forever since I’ve been able to pop in. Things here have been more than a little crazy lately and I’m feeling a bit zombie-like. My coworker is finally back, so some of the stress has lifted off of my shoulders; however, we are now entering our busy season which means more work (and craziness) in general.

What I would give to be outside right now. I’m staring out the large window in our reception area watching the trees in all of their beautiful, green glory swaying in the breeze. The sun is shining and I’m sure there are birds chirping somewhere nearby, as well. 😉 Instead, I’m cooped up inside and probably won’t feel any fresh air until I leave for the day….at whatever time that might be tonight.

On a positive note, today was the first day of my beginner’s running program and I rocked it! I thought for sure that I would have a problem waking up early this morning, to hit the gym before work, since I barely got any sleep last night. It actually didn’t faze me at all. I stayed in bed an extra 10 minutes, since I had already allotted it into the time I set my alarm for. Then, I popped up and got moving.

The parking lot at the gym tricked me into believing that there were more people there than there actually were. I was happily surprised when I walked in to find my fair share of treadmills for the picking. It turned out that most people there came to take an aerobic class. Lucky me! I chose my treadmill and quickly got into a rhythm and focused on my breathing. Eventually, I completely zoned out and the run was over before I knew it.

Then, it was time to hit the weights. I found an old routine in my gym bag which I decided to start up again today. It didn’t disappoint and I felt very accomplished by the time I stepped out of the gym at 7AM. I was sweaty, my muscles were pumping and I was full of energy. It was the perfect way to get this Tuesday started.

I’m thinking of switching up my workout times a bit or I might break my routine into two different parts. Breaking it up wouldn’t be to get more exercise in during the day; rather, it would be to let out some energy built up from stress. I always feel better after working out and I like having some sort of a routine. Lately, it’s been a great way to get me going in the morning and I notice when I go after work that I feel much better than when I walked in the doors. Granted, I have limited time in my schedule, so this might not work everyday for me, but maybe I’ll switch it up a couple of times a week to see what brings about the most positive change in my mood. More importantly is getting to the gym, no matter what time of day it ends up being.

I’m sorry if I sound a bit down. There’s a lot weighing on my mind lately and I’m feeling a little lost and trapped. I know what I want to do. I just don’t have the means to make it happen right now. I have some more investigating to do and hopefully I’ll be able to make some positive changes in the near future. I have a ton of support between my family and Rob. The timing is just off right now and of course finances always have to be worked out. I know I’m being vague, but some of you might know what I’m referring to.

Hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂


What Would You Do?

Hi Guys!

We made it to Wednesday and I’m still trucking along over here.  As I cross each day off the calendar, before I leave the office, I feel a little bit of stress being lifted off my shoulders because I’m one day closer to my coworker returning. 🙂

I’ve been dealing with a multitude of conflicting decisions lately.  Mainly, I’m trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up.  Seeing as I’m 32, I’d say it’s about time to figure it out, don’t you?  😉

The problem is that I have so many passions that keep pulling me in opposing directions.  I’m trying to find creative ways to combine them all.  All it takes is time (which I don’t have much of lately) and money (not rolling in dough, you know). 

In my heart, I know that I’m meant to do more than sit at a desk in an office all day.  While I love being able to help others and gain a great deal of satisfaction when I accomplish certain tasks, I know there’s something missing.  I don’t think that I went through everything that I have to not be helping others in their journey to finding health, wellness & balance in their lives.  Maybe my blog can serve some purpose in that, but I’m really hoping to be able to advise others one day. 

My other passion would be baking.  Growing up, I was always more artistic than athletic.  I remember taking an art class when I had to leave college for a semester because of my health.  My mom thought that I should do something with my time so that I wasn’t just moping around at home.  I set to work sketching and one day the instructor looked over at me from the other side of the table and commented on how nice the water looked in my sketch.  She then asked if I knew I could draw that way.  My response was that I thought everyone could do that.  I’ve never had enough confidence or faith in myself to see my potential.  I’ve always been one to criticize my own weaknesses, unfortunately. 

The good thing is that I’m finally surrounded with very supportive people.  My family has always been a constant.  Even though everyone has their own struggles to deal with we come together in important times (and now many more happy times).  Rob has given me so much in the year that I’ve known him.  For once I feel very safe and supported in my relationship.  Then, there are the friends I’ve met through the blogging community and those like my trainer who see within me what I sometimes don’t see in myself.  Like I’ve said many times before, I am my own worst enemy.

Anyway, I got a little off track there.  Where I was going with the art class is that my artistic abilities comes through in my baking.  Not only do I love creating delicious desserts, but my favorite part is putting the finishing touches onto my creations.  Sprinkles aren’t just randomly thrown onto my desserts, my friends.  Each one is specifically placed to be appealing to the eye.

Of course, being someone who has a bit of a sweet tooth and who has also battled weight; over the years I’ve come to find healthier substitutions to full-fat, high-cal treats.  Sometimes the real thing is totally worth it and others not so much.  I’d love to share my ideas with others and let them see that it’s all about balance and you truly can treat yourself….every day, even. 😉

What would you do if you had passions that lie outside of the corporate world?  How would you go about following your dreams while still being able to pay the bills?  My mom suggested that I wait until the new year to pursue things.  My car lease is up in November, so a car with lower payments will be helpful in reaching my goals.

Believe it or not, my post originally wasn’t going to pertain to the above.  I guess it’s been on my mind and I feel stuck. Ugh. 😦  Anyway, what I intended to ask was more to do with purchasing personal training sessions.

My last free session that came with my membership will be quickly used up next Wednesday morning.  The gym offers a 20 session package for $599 and a 40 session package for $1099.  Since I don’t have a money tree growing in my back yard, I’m wondering if I should hold off on a purchase. 

I see the sessions as an investment in my health.  I really think that James can get my body to where I’d like it to be through our functional training workouts.  He pushes me to do more than I’d be able to do on my own.  He’s also careful to show me exercises that are manageable with my knee problems.

On the other hand, do you know what I could be doing with $599?   I need new clothes!  My sister is getting married next summer and I’m in the wedding, so I know there will be expenses associated with that.  Once I turn my car in, I’m sure I’ll have to put some money down.  Also, what about those career passions I mentioned just a few minutes ago?  Should I put that money toward them?  Aaaahhhh!  What would you do? 

Ok, enough rambling for today.  This chick has to get back to work!

Hope you have a wonderful day!  Let me know, what would you do?


August Goals – How Could I Forget???

Hi Guys!

  I’m covering the front desk, which is allowing me an hour break from running reports for a major two-day meeting, later this week.  Without the break I’m not sure if I would have had time to post at all today, seeing as I most likely won’t even get a break for my own lunch today.  Sometimes I really wonder about the way things run here, but I’m thankful because there are many more positives than negatives.  Can’t complain about that, right?

After I posted yesterday, I got to thinking about my goals.  There’s one I forgot to include, which you aren’t going to believe.  So, what’s goal #14 you ask?


How could I have ever forgotten that one?  I tend to be the type of person that wears my clothes into the ground.  I’m guilty of still having clothes from high school.  Rob jokes that my clothes are so old that they’ve come back into style. LOL.

Truthfully, finances were very tight for so long that I held off on buying myself things.  Every so often I would splurge on something, but I’m in desperate need of so many things now.  I’m tired of wearing the same rotation from week to week and I think it’s about time that I restock my wardrobe. 

This will go hand in hand with cleaning out the guest bedroom.  That’s goal #9, if you remember my post from yesterday. I tend to hold onto things.  I think it’s out of fear of not being able to buy them again; however, sometimes they’re so dingy or worn out that I never end up wearing them anyway.  I have every intention to donate whatever is useable and get rid of the rest.  Then, I’ll restock with my new purchases.  What do you think?  Sounds like a plan to me!

All the years of holding out on stuff paid off in the long run.  Since my move to Long Island this past spring I have gotten myself out of debt… $16,000 of debt!  When I made my last payment to the credit card company last month I was flying high.  It felt so good to get that burden off my shoulders.

I’ve never lived extravagantly, but living on my own, paying for multiple moves and a semester of college (the horror) really put a toll on me financially.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still paying Sallie Mae loans off and paying for my car lease each month, but it feels ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL knowing that I owe NOTHING on my credit cards.

Now, I can buy some clothes without guilt and accomplish goal #14.  Yay!

Have you made goals for yourself this month?  If so, what are they?

What’s the strangest or most unexpected purchases you had to put on a credit card? The semester of school was definitely the worst for me.  If I didn’t I wouldn’t have been able to take classes the next semester.  It was the only option I had at the time.

Hope your Tuesday has been great so far!