Carrot Cake for Breakfast?

Happy Friday, Loves!

So sorry to have disappeared on you again.  Work has been absolutely nutzo for me lately.  When I say nutzo I mean that it feels like I walk in, blink and the day is over.  There’s no time to think.  You just have to DO and get things done.

That being said, I’m absolutely thrilled to have the day off of work today, due to the holiday.  Do you ever feel like even on your days off they really aren’t a day off?  I have a to-do list a mile long.  Luckily, my partner in crime works from home most days and he’s going to help me tackle some things… going to look at cars since my lease is up next month.  I feel confident knowing that he’ll be at my side when I go to the dealers.  I got rooked with my current car and nothing will get by Rob.  He won’t let them push me around.

Knowing that I have so much to do, I made sure to get my workout in first thing this morning.  Cardio and legs today, folks.  I was dripping by the time my session was over.  Love that!

I was all set to have a shake when I got home, but I walked in to find that my San Marco coffee order had arrived.  Yay!

Instead of a shake, I decided to make my pumpkin protein oatmeal to pair with the flavor of the day….

Carrot Cake!

The house still smells somewhat like cream cheese frosting, which is one of the flavor notes in the coffee.  So good.  I mean, nothing is going to compare to a bite of real carrot cake, but this made me happy to start my day with.

I’m looking forward to trying the other flavors.  The way I see it, there are two days to the weekend and I’ll have tried them all by the time the weekend is over.  Then, the tough decision of what I’ll be brewing Monday morning will ensue. 😉

Anyway, the coffee, protein pumpkin oats and a side off egg whites will give me the staying power to car shop today.

I’ll try to get back and post later today.  If not, have a wonderful weekend!


A Kahlua Kind of Morning

Hi Friends!

Don’t worry, I haven’t resorted to starting my day with a shot of Kahlua even though it might have been nice after the drive in I had into work this morning.

Instead, I started my day with a quick warm-up on the treadmill at the gym and then pumped some iron to hit back and biceps.  Getting my workout out of the way before work always starts my day on the right foot. 

It was still in the mid-70s when I stepped out to head back home.  I closed my eyes for a second and breathed in deeply.  Ahhhh.  I need to remind myself of that feeling whenever I want to shut my alarm off and roll over in bed (which I’ve been doing way too much of lately).

Rob had to be out of the house early this morning.  Since he was in the shower when I made it home, I decided to use my time wisely by making my meals for the day and brewing some coffee.  I was excited for this coffee, which was a new-to-me find at the grocery store over the weekend.


I mean, how could you go wrong with Kahlua? 😉

When I visited my mom a few weeks ago, she treated me to Kahlua coffee from her Keurig coffee maker.  Kahlua was my favorite drink of choice in college and the flavor brought me back to those days (I stick to vodka when I do drink now).  I’m a HUGE coffee lover and always peruse the coffee aisle when I make a trip to the grocery store.  You never know what interesting flavor you might find.  I was ecstatic when the Kahlua bag caught my eye.  I have a regular ol’ coffee maker, so my mom’s pods wouldn’t work for me.  Now, I can enjoy the Kahlua flavor from home whenever I want!

Before hitting the shower, you know I had to have a quick taste of the freshly brewed coffee.

Excited For My First Sip

I wish I could give you a taste through the computer screen.

 Mmmmm….it was enough to make me want to take my hair down and relax for a while.

Sadly, I couldn’t because I was already behind schedule.  This long mane of mine takes some time and I needed to get into the shower…STAT!

As I was scrubbing up, an idea came to mind.  The Kahlua coffee was going in this morning’s protein shake.  Oh yes!  That’ll get me moving!  I quickly finished up in the shower, threw the coffee into the fridge to cool down, got prettied up and then made my way back to the kitchen.  I packed my lunch bag as I gave my shake a whirl in the Magic Bullet. 

It was a Kahlua-tastic Protein Perfection!

I think it would put a smile on just about anyone’s face.  I know it did for me.

That gym session really revved my metabolism.  Two hours after finishing my shake my belly was grumbling.  I just downed 3 hardboiled egg whites and a toasted cinnamon-raisin ezekiel english muffin, which I spread with a thin layer of natural peanut butter.  My belly loves me….for now. 🙂

Have a great day!


PS:  A warm hello to all of my new readers!  Thanks for visiting.  I hope you stick around for a while. 🙂