One of THOSE Days

Hi Friends,

Today is moving pretty quickly, which I’m happy about.  Once Monday is over we’re that much closer to the weekend.  Is it sad that I’m already thinking about the weekend?  With this past weekend seeming to have flashed by in a blink and a morning filled with mishaps it’s no wonder I’m already looking forward to Friday night!

When I put my head on my pillow last night my heart was happy with having been reunited with my relatives and with Rob snuggled close by.  I triple checked that my alarm was set for 5 AM because this girly was getting her behind back to the gym before work. 

I had been on such a roll with my workouts, but after those very stressful weeks at work last month my morning routine fell by the wayside.  Towards the end of last week I was looking into some new workout routines to get me going again.  My new routine was printed out and in my gym bag, I had charged my iPod, set my gym clothes out and had water chilling in the fridge.  Nothing was going to get in my way!

The alarm sounded at 5 AM and I knew I could hit snooze once before getting up.  As soon as I swallowed I knew I was in trouble.  I caught Rob’s sore throat. 😦  Noooo! Sore throat or not I was getting to the gym.

I pulled myself out of bed and into the bathroom to take my measurements.  I went down a few inches since the last time I measured, which made me happy.  I gave Rob a peck on the cheek and headed out the door.  The gym is only a 5 minute ride from the house and I decided to blast the music to get me charged up, since I was still half asleep.

After parking the car, I clicked the lock button as I walked towards the gym.  Wait, was there a beep?  I started walking back to the car, clicking the lock button again, with frustration, and still no sound.  I pulled on the door and sure enough it was unlocked.  My car has one of those automatic start buttons, so I don’t really have a key.  There’s a key-like piece that fits into my clicker which I’ve never had to use before.  I fiddled with things for a while and finally locked the car.  I knew the car problem would be on my mind the duration of my workout, but I was getting the workout in no matter what.

I walked into the locker room to put my things away and realized I couldn’t find my iPod anywhere.  I searched my gym bag’s 3 compartments a million multiple times and still couldn’t find it.  Finally, I decided too much time had already been wasted this morning with other things.  I grabbed my workout routine and my bottle of water and walked out to get things started. 

Frustrations aside, I love my new routine and was so happy that I decided to make some changes.  I can’t wait to try the rest of the workouts later on this week!

I always feel great walking out of the gym before starting my work day.  You feel like you already got something accomplished before some people have even started their day.  Today, the happiness quickly faded when I got back to my car and….the car wouldn’t start.  Errrrr!  After fiddling around again for 10 minutes or so I was able to get the car started and made my way back home.

I then whipped through the spare bedroom to look for my iPod.  I found it amongst some papers, but I’m still not sure how it wound up there.  At least I didn’t have to worry where it was anymore.  Putting that behind me I was able to take my shower and get ready.  My routine for getting ready usually involves turning my flat-iron on at the time I start blow drying my hair, which I did.  Unfortunately, when I went to use it, it was still cold.  I realized that the fuse to that outlet had blown (at least it wasn’t broken), and got it heating up again.  I think that it was at this point that I was realizing what kind of morning it was going to be. :/

I decided to not just stand around waiting for the flat-iron to be ready.  Instead, I made my way to the kitchen to pack my meals up.  Since yesterday’s reunion ran much later than I had planned, I STILL haven’t gone to the grocery store.  Luckily, Rob had ordered a grilled chicken salad for me last night that was WAY too much to finish in one sitting.  I knew the remainder of the chicken would be part of my lunch today and decided that I would switch things up by adding some kidney beans to my salad.  In my haste to drain the can, I ended up cutting my hand.  Yep, one of THOSE days, for sure.

I wrapped things up in the kitchen, went back to the bathroom to finish my hair, gave Rob a kiss and was out the door.  I got into the car and can you guess what happened?  If you guessed that it didn’t start again you’re the winner!  I tried to get things going for 15 minutes.  I felt horrible having to bother Rob while he wasn’t feeling well, but I didn’t know what else to do.  He quickly got out of bed when he saw the worry on my face and wouldn’t you know he got the car started on his first try?  WTH?!?!?!  We then tried shutting and starting the car a number of times to be sure it would be ok.  Of course, it worked every time with him there!

Oh well, I needed to get on my way.  Rob waved me off and I made it to work in record time.  I drank a protein shake on my way in, but I was famished by the time I made it here.  I guess after that workout I needed more than the shake.  I got settled in and shortly thereafter made breakfast.

Oatbran mixed with All Whites, Mixed Berries & Cinnamon

Tea for My Sore Throat

After making my belly happy I was able to get on with the work day.  A short while ago, my stomach was calling out for more.  I pulled out the salad I cut myself making earlier and chowed down.

 Grilled Chicken, Sliced Almonds, Kidney Beans & Tomato Atop Romaine


After finishing lunch, something told me I should check my car.  I went outside to give it a start and dun, dun, dun….silence. Of course!  I text Rob to let him know the situation and he assured me that he will stop by on his way home from work to see what’s going on.  If it starts on his first try again I might have to question if I’m just going crazy.  😉

Ok, back to work I go.  I want to make sure I have everything taken care of in case I need to take my car in for service tomorrow morning.

Have a great one!