Trampled Towel Palace

Happy Friday, Friends!

Seeing as I started the week off thinking that it was Tuesday, rather than Monday, it seemed like Friday was taking forever to get here.  Now that it has, I’m excited to get my weekend started.

Rob drove me into work today, because he picked me up last night on our way to the concert (more on that in a bit) and I left it overnight in the work parking lot.  It was nice having that extra little bit of down time with him in the morning.  We left a little early, made a quick stop at Starbucks (Venti Bold & a wrap for him and a Venti Awake Tea for me), and chatted the entire way to my building.  He dropped me off at the front door about 15 minutes early and I got started with the work day. 

Those 15 minutes have made my morning feel extra long, for some reason.  It never helps when your e-mail is down for the millionth time again and you have to wait for IT to come get things going.  IT performed an downgrade “upgrade” on our computer systems last week and things have been a nightmare ever since.  I share a calendar and e-mail inbox with my boss and all of the permissions have been messed up.  I can’t do anything on his behalf, which is frustrating for both of us.  The system has also been deleting e-mails on its own and blocking e-mails from coming through.  When I arrived this morning my inbox was showing as me not receiving any e-mails since 3:35 yesterday afternoon, which if you knew the amount of e-mailing I do you’d know that would be impossible. Errrr…..

Oh well, let’s look at the positive.  It’s Friday, it’s beautiful out AND I get to see my mom this weekend!  Rob is heading down to a cigar festival and then Atlantic City with a friend of his and I’m spending some much-needed girl time with my mom.  Our list of plans keeps growing…

  • The Christmas Tree Shoppe
  • Yankee Candle Store
  • Walk around the pond at our favorite park.
  • Grab some Skim Mistos at Starbucks together
  • Possibly get our nails done
  • Finish the engagement party “to-dos” off our “to-do” list
  • Get my hair done
  • Random Errands
  • Trip to: Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, the mall, etc
  • A night of Lifetime movies, since I’ll be sleeping over

I’m excited!  There’s nothing like time with my mom!

As for the concert last night, it was a bit of a disappointment. 😦  Rob and I made it to the city after almost 2 hours of driving, due to the rain, some crazy drivers and finding no place to park.  We had tickets, but the line to get in was ridiculous. 

A large group of us made our way through Central Park and finally found our way to the Great Lawn. It could have been perfect had the weather held up, but the rain wouldn’t hold off.  Rob was smart, bringing garbage bags to cover the grass with and then towels for us to sit on.  We cuddled together, holding an umbrella over our heads, and closed our eyes to enjoy the music.  It was actually very romantic, in spite of the rain.  We made it through one piece of the Philharmonic playing and then two additional songs by Andrea and then we were trampled on. 

At that point, it was completely uncomfortable.  People didn’t care if they were walking over you and they continued to talk as the concert went on.  Rob quickly got me up off of our towel palace and pulled me through the craziness. 

If you remember, we were supposed to go to the concert with friends, but everyone backed out.  As we walked through Central Park, making our way back to the car, Rob said I’m the only one that never lets him down and that he loves our adventures together.  My heart soared.  Each of us looked so silly, wearing garbage bags and towels wrapped around our shoulders, but I was happy as a clam. 🙂

Even though we didn’t get the full experience we were hoping for, I’m glad that we went.  Any time I have with Rob is treasured and I love exploring and doing new things with him.

Now, my friends, it’s time to get back into work mode.  I’m so not in work mode today.  I want to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather!

Wishing you a Wonderful Weekend!



NYC Times Two

Hi Friends!

The official countdown to the weekend has begun, in my mind.  After staying at work late last night, I get to leave about an hour early tonight.  I’m looking forward to it, because Rob and I are meeting friends in NYC to see Andrea Bocelli perform with the NY Philharmonic.  I’m excited!

I’ve only been to 1 concert my entire life and that was back in high school.  As long as weather permits, we’ll be there with bells on!

Living so close to the city you’d think that we would take much more advantage of what it has to offer.  Sadly, we rarely visit; however, this will be the 2nd time since Saturday that we made the trip.

Rob and I celebrated our one year anniversary, 2 months late, with dinner and a show in NYC on Saturday night.

We started off with dinner at Bar Masa.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that it was the best sushi I’ve ever eaten.  The fish literally melted in your mouth.  Such a treat!

After dinner, we walked around the building, exploring.  It was September 10th, so there was a ton to look at with the anniversary of September 11th being the next day.

We took in our fill of pictures, from the past and present, and then made our way across the street to Starbucks, for an after dinner treat.  It’s there that I had my first Pumpkin Spice coffee of the season.

We made our way to Radio City Music Hall via bike….

Our driver seemed smaller than the guy in the photo.  I don’t know where his strength came from, carrying our lazy butts to the show while we enjoyed our coffee. 😉

Then, there it was….

I hadn’t seen the building in what seems like forever.  I actually used to walk by it every day, when I worked in the city.

We decided to see Cirque du Soleil Zarkana.

The performers were great.  The storyline got a little lost in between the beginning and end.  All in all, it was a good show and nice to do something out of our norm. 

That’s what I love about Rob.  He always brings new experiences into my life.  He said he likes watching me as I’m experiencing something new.  I must look like a kid in a candy store, with my mouth agape and my eyes as wide as can be.

Now, a little over two hours and I’ll be skipping out the doors here.  I’m looking forward to experiencing something new, surrounded by good people.

Have a great day!