Felt Like a School Day

Hi Friends!

After being treated to a week of beautiful weather, NY has now been experiencing days of rain. 😦 

Rain rain go away!  That’s what I say. 😉  Despite the flood like situation in the parking lot at the office, I’ve been putting fires out left and right today.  We’ve been experiencing computer issues due to an upgrade, ironically.  There have also been other mishaps throwing curveballs throughout the day.  Ah, well, it’s 12:45.  How much more could happen before closing?  Wait, don’t answer that. 😉  I’m trying to stay positive.

Monday night I tried to go to bed early, in anticipation of going back to work.  I felt like it was the night before my first day of school after summer break.  I twisted and turned in bed, eventually making my way to the couch so that I wouldn’t disturb Rob.  I must have drifted off to sleep at some point because the next thing I knew it sounded like there was a downpour right in the house and I jumped up to see what was going on.

The sudden downpour must have woken Rob up at the same time, because he came out of the bedroom to look for me and then we both walked down the hall back to bed.  Before I knew it, my alarm was buzzing me awake to start the day.  Morning seemed to arrive far too quickly, but I guess that’s what happens when you spend more hours awake than actually sleeping.

Have you noticed that it’s darker out in the mornings now?  That snuck up on me for some reason.  The darker morning helped in making it truly feet like a school day.  I pushed myself out of bed to shower, dress and prep my meals.  Afterwards, I reluctantly stepped outside with my protein shake in hand to make my way to the car.  While driving I noticed that the roads were more crowded, police were directing traffic outside of the schools and leaves were beginning to make their journey to the ground.  Fall is definitely in the air, friends.

I’m hanging on to any last bits of summer that there might be, but I’m also looking forward to experiencing fall in all of its glory.  Fall brings a sense of comfort to me.  It must be the memories of back to school shopping with my mom, raking up leaves only to jump in the pile and make a mess again, picking apples, morning hikes while breathing in fresh, crisp air, comfy sweaters, searching for the perfect pumpkin with my family and eventually Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday).  I love it all!

It’s just about time for me to go back to extinguishing fires here, but I promise to be back tonight (or at the latest tomorrow), because I have so much to catch you up on.  Like, whatever happened with my August goals?  Do I have new goals for September?  Plus, there’s some fun stuff going on in the very near future. 🙂

Wishing you a Wonderful Wednesday!



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