Relishing The Remainder of The Weekend


Lots going on over here today, in anticipation of the work week ahead.  Load upon load of laundry is being washed, dried and folded.  Errands are being run, floor swiffering is being done and trash is being brought curb-side for tomorrow’s garbage pick-up.

Through it all, Rob is my partner in crime.  We’re working together so we can enjoy the last bits of the holiday weekend relaxing in each others’ company.  It always makes me feel better when I feel organized for the week.  I feel more equipped at handling whatever might be thrown at me because the small things are already taken care of.

I still am facing anxiety right now, but at least my eyelid stopped twitching from yesterday.  It seems that our afternoon out on the water did my body good.  I spent the majority of the afternoon and evening living in the moment instead of allowing work worries to creep into my mind.

After writing my post yesterday Rob called me over because he was worried about my stress levels.  He assured me that I would get through this and that I have his support in whatever I decide to do.  He also didn’t want me to allow my worries to interfere with the time off I still had remaining in my long weekend.  After many hugs and pushing me to get out and live I felt much better.  I woke up with a smile this morning, even though I know that when the alarm goes off tomorrow I’ll be getting ready for work.  Of course, I’ll get some me time in first thing by getting a good sweat in at the gym. 😉

Now, it’s time to finish up our chores so we can enjoy the remainder of the weekend.  I plan on relishing every remaining second.  I hope your weekend has treated you as nicely as ours has. 🙂



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