Making Things Harder Than Necessary

Hey Guys!

Well, we made it to the middle of the week.  Happy Hump Day, by the way! 😉

My morning started with the realization at 5 AM that I don’t need to be waking up so early in order to get my morning workout in.  I’m not sure what caused me to choose this time initially.  Maybe I wanted to get my workout out of the way before the gym crowd (and juice heads) started to pack the gym.  Whatever it was, my alarm has been set for 4:45 AM for months now. 

Lately, I’ve been having problems waking up so early.  My body just couldn’t handle it, especially with all the stress at work I had been under.  One morning I literally stumbled to my left as I got out of bed to walk to the bathroom.  I listened to my body and went back to bed.  I know when I’m just being lazy and that wasn’t one of those moments.  I could barely lift my eyelids enough to see my way down the hall.  I’m blind as a bat without my glasses, but every little bit helps, right? 😉

Anyway, I’ve been determined to get my morning workouts in and started to feel like a failure when I was unable to be consistent with my planned schedule.  This morning it hit me though. Big lightbulb moment, folks.  I didn’t have to be up that early! Why do we make things harder than necessary?  Can you tell me why?

I set my alarm for an extra hour and hopped out of bed at 5:45 AM.  Much better!  Amazing what an extra hour can do for you.  You also get better sleep when you don’t have to hit the snooze button every 5 minutes.  I got ready and was at the gym by 6.  A short warm-up on the treadmill was followed by a killer lower body workout.  Spaghetti Legs anyone?  That’s how mine feel right now.

I was home by 7:05.  I then scared the bejesus out of Rob as he was packing his car for the work day (he’s a medical device sales rep and needs to have his products on hand when he makes hospital visits).  Oops.  He sometimes calls me “Bell” because he thinks that I should make more sound than I do. 😉

I gave him a kiss and saw him off.  Then, it was time to freshen up and make my post workout shake.  I made the same shake as yesterday, using my Kahlua coffee & 1/4 of a frozen banana, except I swapped Chocolate Fudge protein powder in place of the Vanilla I had used.  I was in my glory as I sipped this during my drive into work.

I pulled into the office right on time and lingered outside for a bit because it’s absolutely beautiful out.  Every day should be like this!  Of course, every day would also be a weekend because I’d much rather be able to enjoy the weather instead of being stuck inside, watching from the window.

I’ve been working on some projects and just a short while ago had my first solid meal of the day.  Breakfast included some oatbran, egg whites, mixed berries and mango.  Coffee was also consumed.

My belly was so hungry that I forgot to take pictures.  Here’s some evidence of my eats though.

All Gone!

It was yummy & satisfying!

Now, I’m going to work away for a few more hours and then try to sit outside during my lunch break.  Fingers crossed that the weather stays as beautiful as when I walked in earlier.

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!



2 thoughts on “Making Things Harder Than Necessary

  1. The morning workout thing can be rough for sure. Soon I’ll be switching back to going into work later and waking up beforehand to get it done vs. how I’m currently doing it all after work. It will take some getting used to…

    And nice workout! I can see how an extra hour of sleep would make all the difference!

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