I Survived!

Good Morning, Friends!

Well, I’m blogging which means I made it through my kiteboarding lesson alive on Saturday. 😉 

I was actually scared to death beforehand.  Last summer I had half of a lesson which ended with me being lurched forwarded by the kite and swallowing a ton of water.  Ick!  That was my last memory of kiteboarding, which I then stewed over for a year. 

Saturday’s instructor promised that it would be a much different experience this time….and it was.  🙂  The wind was blowing just the right amount and the water was warm.  I think that I pretty much have the basics down.  My next lesson will be getting on the board.  I’m excited!

I wanted to learn how to kiteboard for a few reasons.  Rob is OBSESSED with it and loves being out on the water whenever he can.  I thought it would be a good way to get some time in together while also being active.  I’m a water lover myself and also love a good challenge, which kiteboarding definitely is.  You get a great workout in without really realizing it, because you’re more focused on the challenge and the fun.  I saw major changes in Rob’s core once he started taking lessons last summer.  After Saturday’s lesson I found out why and I’m looking forward to seeing those changes in myself.  Rob has also had two major back surgeries and he said that kiteboarding has made him feel better than ever. 

I’m looking forward to my next lesson, which will possibly be this weekend.  It seems like all the stars have to be aligned in order to go out though.  The wind has to be blowing at a certain speed to get your kite up.  Which isn’t always guaranteed just because it’s the weekend and you want it to be up to speed for you to go out.  The nerve!  For me, it also has to not be raining (Rob doesn’t care) and the water needs to be a certain temp (because I’m always cold as it is).  Rob’s only care is the wind.  He’ll deal with anything else that comes up because he loves it so much.  He actually kiteboarded almost through the entire winter.  This past Christmas Eve he called to let me know that he was heading out.  I thought he was crazy!

There are a few shots on Rob’s camera that I’ll post when I get home tonight.  The interesting shots will really be after my next lesson.  Anyone want to take bets how many times I fall before actually getting (and staying) up?  😉

Have a great day!


Have you tried kiteboarding before?  Are there any other water sports you enjoy?  Do you enjoy sports that are really a competition with yourself or between yourself and others?


2 thoughts on “I Survived!

  1. Kiteboarding?! I’ve always wanted to try it!! Good for you for doing it in spite of your fears … isn’t there some saying about courage being not the absence of fear, but persistence in the face of fear? I’d be nervous to kiteboard, imagining a broken nose or something … all the more reason I should follow your lead and try it!

  2. Thanks, Paula! My boyfriend gave me the out a few times, but I pushed through it. Between my boyfriend and the instructor I knew I was in good hands. No matter what you do you’re taking chances, granted some are larger than others. I’ve always played it safe, but only found my life to be more full when I started pushing through my fears. If it’s something you’ve always wanted to do definitely give it a try. I can’t wait to get up on the board! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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