Hey Guys!

Friday is finally coming to a close (at least to the work day).  I.Am.Pooped!  I knew I had these crazy meetings coming up this week and was prepared for the insanity they brought with them.  What I wasn’t prepared for was all the other stuff that popped up unexpectedly. 

Had I been a boy scout I would have known to “be prepared”. 

My boss was out this week, but even so I was busy, busy, busy.  Other departments recruited me to help them.  Plus, my boss had given me a to do list before he left.  One thing I’m quite proud of is knocking his e-mails down from over 1400 unread (yes, you read that correctly) down to 910.  His inbox has unread e-mails dating back to 2009.  Even though they span 2 years, I can’t just delete them.  They have to be gone through one by one in order to be filed.  I’ll knock it down more next week, but I’m happy with that number for now.

Anyway, my brain is fried and I can’t wait to get home and relax.  What.A.Week!

Let’s hope that all the hard work pays off with a fun-filled weekend.  Rob has me signed up for kiteboarding lessons tomorrow. 

Please say a prayer for me. 😉

Have a great weekend!





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