August Goals – How Could I Forget???

Hi Guys!

  I’m covering the front desk, which is allowing me an hour break from running reports for a major two-day meeting, later this week.  Without the break I’m not sure if I would have had time to post at all today, seeing as I most likely won’t even get a break for my own lunch today.  Sometimes I really wonder about the way things run here, but I’m thankful because there are many more positives than negatives.  Can’t complain about that, right?

After I posted yesterday, I got to thinking about my goals.  There’s one I forgot to include, which you aren’t going to believe.  So, what’s goal #14 you ask?


How could I have ever forgotten that one?  I tend to be the type of person that wears my clothes into the ground.  I’m guilty of still having clothes from high school.  Rob jokes that my clothes are so old that they’ve come back into style. LOL.

Truthfully, finances were very tight for so long that I held off on buying myself things.  Every so often I would splurge on something, but I’m in desperate need of so many things now.  I’m tired of wearing the same rotation from week to week and I think it’s about time that I restock my wardrobe. 

This will go hand in hand with cleaning out the guest bedroom.  That’s goal #9, if you remember my post from yesterday. I tend to hold onto things.  I think it’s out of fear of not being able to buy them again; however, sometimes they’re so dingy or worn out that I never end up wearing them anyway.  I have every intention to donate whatever is useable and get rid of the rest.  Then, I’ll restock with my new purchases.  What do you think?  Sounds like a plan to me!

All the years of holding out on stuff paid off in the long run.  Since my move to Long Island this past spring I have gotten myself out of debt… $16,000 of debt!  When I made my last payment to the credit card company last month I was flying high.  It felt so good to get that burden off my shoulders.

I’ve never lived extravagantly, but living on my own, paying for multiple moves and a semester of college (the horror) really put a toll on me financially.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still paying Sallie Mae loans off and paying for my car lease each month, but it feels ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL knowing that I owe NOTHING on my credit cards.

Now, I can buy some clothes without guilt and accomplish goal #14.  Yay!

Have you made goals for yourself this month?  If so, what are they?

What’s the strangest or most unexpected purchases you had to put on a credit card? The semester of school was definitely the worst for me.  If I didn’t I wouldn’t have been able to take classes the next semester.  It was the only option I had at the time.

Hope your Tuesday has been great so far!



2 thoughts on “August Goals – How Could I Forget???

  1. Not necessarily strange, but I put straight-up living expenses on a credit card in college! I was so broke. Even late-night Taco Bell would go on the card. Ah, college…memories. 🙂

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