Passing The Buck

Hey Guys!

The end of the work week is finally upon us.  Only one more day to go and then time to do the weekend happy dance.  Whew!  This week has been chaotic, but good.  My mind and body are ready for some R&R though, for sure.

Have you ever been in a situation where the buck got passed to you?  This seems to happen to me a lot.  When I was younger and working at the gym, it started with me working almost full-time hours (while going to school) instead of the part-time hours I had signed up for.  I think it’s because I’m so ready to help others that people tend to come to me first, knowing that I’ll most likely say yes.  In the end, trying to be nice ends up being taken advantage of, if you aren’t helpful.  At that time, management saw what was happening, but didn’t say anything.  As long as the work was getting done they didn’t really care.  Eventually, I left a long ass note at the front desk telling my coworkers that I’m happy to help, but that they had to go to others first before coming to me.  The next time I came in my manager applauded me for speaking up, but I was annoyed that she didn’t step up first.  What I learned was you had to watch your own back because no one else is going to do it for you, as long as they are benefiting.

When I worked at a hedge fund, my manager was QUEEN of passing the buck.  She continually disappeared from the office.  We would later find out that she was in town shopping, gossiping behind closed doors in conference rooms or out on her boat.  Seriously?!?!?!  She had some major cahones!  I picked up most of her slack.  The company had already had layoffs, so there wasn’t much help, as it was.  Eventually, when I left the company I had a discussion with Human Resources.  I was very vague (you never want to burn bridges), but mentioned that they should make rounds upstairs more often.  To my surprise, they called my manager out as being a problem.  Their response was, “There are certain things we can’t do anything about and other things people don’t want to do anything about.” 

Well, it wouldn’t be my problem anymore, but I felt horrible for the girl who took my place.  It amazed me that they would let a good worker go and keep on someone who was dead weight.  In my heart, I know my manager must have had something on a higher up in the company.  There’s no other way they would keep her.  Less than a year after I left she was gone.

At my last job, I was lucky enough to have a protector.  She always watched out for me and wanted the best for me.  That was the first time I was able to feel like I wouldn’t get taken advantage of at work.  We worked as a team and tried to help the other out when we could.  That’s the way it should always be, in an ideal world.

I’ve noticed here that there are many hard workers and then there are those continuously passing the buck.  It’s funny.  You can almost call it before it happens.  Somehow, I get stuck doing projects for other departments.  It’s like they have radar for the niceness and sniff me out.  I still remember getting copied on an e-mail my first week here that turned into a nightmare.

I truly don’t mind helping, but hate being taken advantage of.  With me, the buck stops here.  If I don’t have a good reason for asking someone to step in and help I don’t.  Some people really have no shame though.

Anyway, if you’re wondering where I’ve been it’s because a multiple bucks were passed to me over the past few days.  I’ve been swamped, but I like the challenge.

Hope you had a great day!



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