Lunchtime Crowd

Hi Friends,

  The heat is bringing it this week!  Most people don’t even want to leave the air-conditioned office to step out for lunch.  Normally, a few people will be in the break room during lunch, but today the place was packed! 

I didn’t want my coworkers to wonder why I was taking pictures of them with my cell phone, so you’ll just have to believe me and accept this picture from  You don’t want me to be deemed the “Weird Girl”, do you?

It was actually nice being surrounded by coworkers and seeing their personalities come out in their down time.  The office is pretty laid back, but you rarely get to see people acting completely silly.  It was funny to listen to certain people’s stories.  Although, I was sitting at a table that was talking about being pregnant and the process of giving birth.  I think my jaw hit the table more than once with some of the stories.  Probably not the best topic to be discussing over lunch, let’s just say.  Oh, I have fun things to look forward to….one day. 😉

It’s funny that the heat was the reason that most people stayed in, especially since my foot heater has been going full blast all day.  I keep my leg just inches away from it, because I’m always so cold in the office.  A coworker and I were just talking about this yesterday.  It seems that they can’t regulate the AC, so a number of us have foot heaters.  It would definitely help the company cost-wise seeing as they are paying so much to keep us cool only for some of us to spend even more money to reheat ourselves.  Without my heater I’m an icicle! 

The good news is I actually got to take my lunch today, enjoyed some non-work related conversation AND there are only 2 minutes left to the work day!  Woot woot!  Time for me to start packing up and then hit the road, especially since my boss asked me to come in early tomorrow.  He’ll be in meetings all morning and wants to be able fill me in on the day before things get crazy.

I threw some chicken in the fridge to marinate overnight.  It’ll be ready to be grilled up and enjoyed with Rob when I get home.    A veggie medley and brown rice will round out the meal.  Then, it’ll be time for Royal Pains!  I love our little routines. 🙂

Have a great night!



4 thoughts on “Lunchtime Crowd

  1. My office is ridiculously cold too! I bought a small space heater for under my desk and have it running ALL THE TIME. I actually have to turn it up more in the summer than in the winter. We should start an anti igloo office petition 😉

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