Monkey Love

Howdy-Ho, Neighbor Friends!

Remember that phrase from Home Improvement?

Ah, the 90s.  Good times! 😉

Last night, I walked into the house to find an envelope sitting on the counter.  It was addressed to “Mu” (Rob’s nickname for me).  I opened it up and started laughing.

Front of the Card

Inside Message


The Bottom Inside of the Card


We celebrated our 1 Year Dating Anniversary on Sunday.  I can’t believe a year has already flown by!  Where does the time go????

The card was belated because we were at a family function on Sunday.  We’re still trying to decide how we’re going to actually celebrate the year.  Any good ideas?  I told Rob that I would think about it.  He’s away this weekend for business, so I still have some time.

Anyway, I brought the card to work today.  Every time I look at it a huge smile lights up my face.  The card is actually perfect on a number of levels. 

 We used to joke that I was his finger monkey because I’m always clinging to him.  He’ll randomly look down to find me holding his hand, rubbing elbows with him or touching one of his toes with my own.  At night, there always has to be one part of me touching him.  He said that he’s actually woken up to me reaching for him in my sleep.  One time, when I made contact with his arm, I supposedly said “Mmm, good.”  LOL.

Yep, I’m a Finger Monkey, alright. 😉

When I have kids, this might have to be their very first Halloween costume.

Not to be getting ahead of myself or anything. 😉

The saying was also perfect because no matter what I know that we are always looking out to help the other.  We are true partners and will always go to bat for the other.  Monkey or bug, he’d be on my side….I know it. 🙂  He’s the perfect partner and I’m so glad he’s mine.

The day is moving along pretty quickly.  I’m currently covering the reception desk, while the receptionist is out to lunch.  I should be meeting with my boss, once I get back to my desk.  Hopefully, I can find him.  I need to install a GPS tracker for the man. He’s alway MIA!

By the time we have our meeting and I finish the projects I know he’ll be assigning to me it will be time to hit the road.  Rob has a business dinner tonight, so I’ll be on my own.  I hear the DVR calling my name.  All of my shows have been piling up and I haven’t had a chance to watch any of them.  I’m thinking tonight is the night! 🙂

Time for me to get back to working.  Wishing you a great remainder of the day!



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