Making Over Monday

Hey Guys!

How’s has this Monday been treating you?  So far-so good on my end.  After last Monday’s catastrophe, I wanted this week to start with a complete makeover.  If you remember, last Monday was just “one of THOSE days”.

My alarm went off at 4:45 AM.  I set it early so I would be able to hit snooze a few times (I’m sure Rob loved that).  😉  I was out of bed by 5:15 AM and out the door before 5:30 AM.  I had a workout I wanted to rock before the work day started and rock it I did!

I think I mentioned last week that I started a new routine. I was bummed that I couldn’t put my all into it last week, the way I would have liked.  Today I was able to hit it full force.  I knocked out 30 minutes on the elliptical and then hit shoulders and abs.  I know they say to lift first and then do cardio, but I get my cardio out of the way first so there are no excuses for not doing cardio later on.  I LOVE to lift so that is never a problem for me.  It took me a little over an hour to finish everything.  Not bad!

Once done, I bounded out to my car, full of energy.  Unlike last Monday, the remote started first try.  Success #1!  I made it home about 5 minutes later and got ready for work. 

When it was time to make lunch, I was careful not to cut my hand on the can of beans, the way I did last week.  Success #2!

After my goodbyes to Rob, I was out of the house right on time and happily started the car with no struggles, unlike last Monday.  Success #3!  My usual morning ride ensued, listening to Z100 for half the ride and then speaking to my mom for the second half.  I made it to work 10 minutes early and have been playing catch up ever since.

I’m not 100% over my bug, but I’m much, much, MUCH better than last week.  I had just started coming down with the bug last Monday morning and by afternoon it was hard to swallow and my voice became raspy.  Now, I sound a little congested, but I’ll take that over what I was going through at this point last Monday.  Success #4!

Now, I’m hoping the remainder of the afternoon will move along smoothly.  I have a few projects to work on to keep me busy and then I’ll be on my way home to have dinner with my man. 🙂

I hope the beginning of this work week is treating you well so far.  My Monday has had a complete Makeover, which I’m VERY thankful for!



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