Birthday Wishes With a Sneeze

Hi There,

  I’m home sick, again.  My boss is in Florida for business today and he was kind enough to text me last night that I should just stay home if I wasn’t feeling 100% today.  Since he won’t be in the office I won’t be missing much, which made me feel better about taking the day.  I’m feeling much better than the past two days, but I’m still not completely ok.  I just feel a little off now (woozy head, congested, etc), but at least I sound pretty normal.

Today is Rob’s 33rd birthday.  I woke up after midnight to wish him a happy birthday and then rolled over and fell back to sleep.  What he recalls is me sneezing and spraying him with my wet slobber AND THEN wishing him a happy birthday.  I kind of recall that too.  Oops. 😉

Around 7:30 AM I was restless and got out of bed.  I truly have a difficult time sitting still.  I started cleaning the bathroom.  Then, I got Rob’s present out and asked him what the birthday boy wanted for breakfast.  He wanted his normal Starbucks breakfast which I hand delivered to him along with a Venti Awake tea for both of us.  The girl behind the counter was confused as to how I was drinking something so hot on a day like today, but she doesn’t realize just how much it makes my throat feel better.  Plus, when you’re sitting in air conditioning all day it really doesn’t matter how hot it is outside.  She doesn’t know that my sickness is holding me hostage indoors.

Rob had a few work appointments this morning, but should be back shortly.  I’m planning on cooking a special birthday dinner for him tonight.  Until then, this girly is going (to try) to rest.  I learned my lesson yesterday when I moved around too much and ended up nauseous. 😦  I can’t say Rob didn’t try to warn me a dozen times. 

Wishing you a great day!



2 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes With a Sneeze

    • Hi Claire! Rob says thank you! I kind of burned the steak, but the meal was a success overall. I tried going into work today, but was sent home for still being sick. Hey, at least they know my work ethic, right? LOL 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

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