Americano Wake Up

Happy Friday Friends!

I’ve been waiting for today since, well, since Monday. 😉  I decided to get into the Fourth of July spirit a little early by beginning my day with an Iced Grande Americano.

I downed that sucker during my drive into work. 

Now, if that doesn’t wake you up I don’t know what will!

I continued with the holiday theme by switching my normal breakfast of cereal, fruit and egg whites to a delish red, white and blue version.

We have some Red Vita Gummies

This Hard Boiled Egg White x3 for some filling protein.

Then, a Sugar-Free BlueberryLemon Streusel Muffin (mmm, mmm good!) for a speckled blue

It was berry good, indeed!  My fingers may or may not be speckled blue themselves, after eating it. 😉

After filling my belly with this yummy treat my day became even more positive.  An e-mail from human resources popped into my inbox with the subject line “Office Closure”.  You know I opened that e-mail immediately, right?  What was the message inside you ask?  How about:

“Due to the long holiday weekend, our offices will close at 3:00 pm today.  We will resume normal business hours on Tuesday, July 5, 2011.”


Now, I just have to stay focused and get all of my work done so I can hit the road at 3 on the dot!  You see, I have an injured Rob waiting at home.  He hurt himself while kiteboarding yesterday and I’m more than a lil worried about the guy.  This sport seems to be getting very dangerous.  At first he thought he broke a rib, but after speaking with his sister he believes that he just dislocated it.  As soon as I saw him get off the boat last night I knew something was wrong.  Poor guy.  He has an appointment at his sister’s office this afternoon and hopefully she can set things back into place for him.

When he arrived home last night, I was in the midst of cooking another yummy dinner.  I whipped up a version of Roni’s Bacon Cheese Inside Out Turkey Burgers.  I’ll write up a post with my changes in the near future.  All I can say is Holy Yum!  For sides I made some corn on the cob, baked fries, and sautéed zucchini with mushrooms & onion.  I was a very happy girl and I can say that even in pain Rob was a happy man!

Ok, I have to get crack-a-lackin so I can get out at 3!  Wishing you a wonderful day and a great long weekend!!



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