Weekend Thoughts on Wednesday

Hi Friends,

  Happy Hump Day!  The countdown seems to be on for the long weekend.  Mentions of beach lounging, sun worshiping, BBQs and hours spent lazily reading magazines or a good book filled the air as I walked into work this morning.  Normally, the day before any work holiday we are let out after a half day.  This isn’t written in stone, but seems to be the practice here (and at a bunch of other companies I’ve worked for too).  I’m hoping that’s the case on Friday (fingers crossed)!

I’m looking forward to stepping out of my heels and slipping into my flip-flops.  After the past 2 weeks my brain feels fried.  At lunch today, two coworkers mentioned that I looked different.  I thought it was because I was wearing my hair down, instead of the front being clipped up, the way I normally wear it.    One of my coworkers then stated that I looked less stressed.  Did it really show that much? LOL.  I can only imagine.  I apologized to another coworker last week after she came into my cubicle and I’m quite positive that I wore a very frazzled expression while answering her question.  I apologized just because I felt out of it and I can’t imagine what she saw my mood as being.  You never know how you come across to others and I didn’t want my stress to rub off the wrong way on her.

Lately, I’m barely able to pull myself out of bed when the alarm goes off for the 1000th time.  My body and brain need the extra day away from the office to really rest.  I want my mind to only be filled with fun, relaxing and happy thoughts.  I’m going to try not to let work worries sneak in, the way they normally do.  Where does worrying get you?  Nowhere, right? 

I’m thinking that the weekend will be filled with fun time with Rob, random voyages on the boat, possibly kiteboarding, a couple of gym sessions, making my way to CT to visit with family and of course some grilling.  It should be a good weekend all around.  Now, time just has to fast forward so it’s finally upon us.  Then, it can slow down so I can fully enjoy those 3 days.

Wishing you a great remainder of the day!



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