My Pledge To You

Hey Guys!

How’s it hangin’ today?  I’m crazy busy, but no anxiety at the moment.  Currently I’m running reports on a system that has just been upgraded and a majority of the reports I run are either missing or renamed.  I’m spending valuable time searching for things rather than actually running reports.  Oh well, things could definitely be worse.  I’m not complaining.

Last night I kept reminding myself to bring Pledge into work.  The cleaning supplies they had here weren’t up to par, in my eyes.  After all the dusting I did yesterday I wanted my boss’ desk to shine when he walks in tomorrow.  Coworkers kept passing by exclaiming that they’ve never seen his office this clean.  All in a day’s (or two or THREE’s) work, my friends.  All in a day’s work….

One of my coworkers asked to borrow the Pledge for her own cubicle and I’m thinking there might be some cleaning going on in my own, before I leave today.  Nothing feels as good as when your work space is clean and organized.  I feel much more efficient when that is the case.  PS: That normally isn’t the case. 😉  I have so many things going on that papers are EVERYWHERE.  Breakfast, lunch and snack Tupperware are scattered in amongst the papers, making an even bigger mess. 

Example A


Example B


Example C

I definitely have to make more of an effort to be organized!

Speaking of making an effort, I’ve been thinking about my breaks from blogging and the blog just not being where I’d like it to be.  Granted, life is crazy, but I truly enjoy blogging and I want my blog to be a special place to come to.  Before my move I was getting better with posting more regularly.  I had just gotten my camera and was taking more pictures.  Then, everything happened with looking for a new job, the move, my knees and starting the new job.  Just thinking about it all makes me go a lil batty.  Blogging is constantly on my mind and I have to try to figure out a way to fit it in more often.

So, my pledge to you is that I’m going to make this space a better one.  I have a favor though.  I’d love to get feedback on what you’d like to see more of on my blog.  Do you want to see my meals?  Hear about my workouts?  Learn what my goals are? (I did remember to update my stats page, so check it out.  I’ll add more as I go.)  Read more about the adventures of Rob & Kim?  Let me know.  I’m truly interested in hearing from you! Thank you so much!!




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