Frontsies or Backsies?

Happy Friday!

By now you’re hopefully out from behind your work desk and out enjoying the beginning of your weekend.  Currently, I’m out on the back patio, looking out onto the water as I write this.  I feel relaxed and at peace in the moment, but getting to this point didn’t come quite as quickly as I would have liked today.  The important part is to enjoy the moment and be happy in knowing that I have two more days of this before the rat race begins once again.

Remember being on the lunch line in elementary school and granting friends the right to cut you in line?  They could either cut you “frontsies” or “backsies”.  Most times you got the backsy pass, but anything was better than stepping all the way to the back of that long line.


That’s how I felt as I navigated my way home tonight.  The Friday night traffic rush had begun long before I got onto the road to head home but there were a large number of travelers heading the same way as me.  As I let people merge in front of me, I got to thinking about that elementary school lunch line.  It’s kind of funny to think about how little things like that from childhood prepare us for becoming adults.  Anyway, after that random thought I zoned out listening to music and enjoying the breeze coming through my opened windows.

I made it home in decent time.  I love how the sun is out past 8PM now.  Finally, I don’t feel like I should be heading to bed as soon as I get out of work.  Now, I’m going to enjoy some alone time outside, reading by the water.  From what I make of the situation I found at the house, when I made it home, Rob is out kiteboarding with a mutual friend of ours.  They should be home within in the hour and then we’ll grab a quick bite to eat.

I hope this Friday night finds you well.  Enjoy the weekend!


PS: Anyone thinking of going to the HLS this August?  Let me know!


One thought on “Frontsies or Backsies?

  1. The summer rush hour on Fridays is pretty horrific. But I do agree with you- since it’s light out much longer, I don’t feel that rushed to get everything done and go to bed. It’s sort of nice… summery laziness has clearly set in!

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