Beware: Steam Stacks Ahead

Hi Friends,

How’s your day going?  Mine has been rough.  I swear, if ears could blow smoke mine would have been steam stacks today!

I don’t know if it’s the lack of sleep, people not acknowledging my requests for things, my monthly friend making a visit or a combo of the three, but my patience is starting to wear thin.  Normally, I’m a very patient person.  It takes a lot for someone to really get to me.  I’m reaching that point though.  One poor soul may receive some less than nice remark from me today.  Hopefully, I can get through this day biting my tongue.

On a brighter note, Rob surprised me last night by letting me know that he would be coming home earlier than planned.  Woo Hoo!  It was a good thing he had good news to share because I was already on the brink of tears with thoughts of not wanting to go to work today.  My monthly visitor plays havoc on my emotions, if you haven’t already guessed.  😦 

At 5:30 this morning I rummaged from my half sleep on the couch because I heard him pull up to the house.  He opened the door and my head bolted up to greet him.  He gave me the greatest hug, took my hand and tucked me under the covers.  That was the greatest hour of sleep I’ve had in what seems like forever.  All I needed was him to be next to me.

I admit, it was extremely difficult to leave him this morning.  I sulked and dragged my feet to the shower.  I gave him about a million kisses before I left for the day and then was on my way to be abused at work by a horrid woman consultant.  Rob text me that I should send her “some poop in a box”.  LOL. Well, he knows how to make me laugh.  😉

Only about an hour left now.  I really hope that I get out on time tonight.  I’m SO looking forward to seeing my man, having dinner together and ending the night with cuddles while watching the season finale of House that we DVRd.  Sounds like a perfect way to end the day to me.

Hope you’re having a good one.



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