I Could Have….

Happy middle of the work week to you!  I sure am glad to almost be over the hump!

I could have stayed in bed this morning, listening to the rain rap on my bedroom window.  I could have stayed snuggled beneath Rob’s arm for 2 hours longer than I actually did.  I could have made excuses to not wake up, because my muscles are still sore from Monday or that I am completely exhausted.  I could have, but I didn’t

I did stay snuggled up for longer than I intended.  I mean, who could turn down Rob cuddles?  Not me, that’s for sure.  ; )  Instead of getting up at 5, as I originally intended, I reset my alarm for an additional 20 minutes.  Those cuddles were sure hard to break free from, but my resolve to get back into a regular gym routine pushed me through.  It isn’t even so much that I know bikini weather is on its way.  It’s more that I want to be my best me.  I’m tired of under arm jiggle or my tummy not being as tight as I know it can be.  No, I’m not looking for a 6 pack.  No sir.  Probably not even close to a 6 pack.  I do want to feel better about myself though and I know that getting back into my gym routine will make me feel that way.

I’m not doing anything crazy.  I’m not there for hours or doing multiple daily sessions, as I’ve done in my past.  I’m doing it to just be healthy and content in my body.  Rob commented that he didn’t know how I get it all done within an hour.  I told him that I have to be efficient with my time.  I don’t go to socialize or take my sweet time moving from one station to another.  I lay my plan out the night before (or even over the weekend) and hit it hard when I’m there.

I was so proud of myself when I walked into the gym this morning.  I could have let a number of things get in my way.  Last night the gas light went on in my car, during my commute home from work.  I could have waited until the morning to get gas.  I also knew that I could have used that as an excuse as to why I wouldn’t go to the gym.  So, I tackled the excuse before it knew what hit it!

I walked out of the gym smiling, made it home for some Rob kisses, did a load of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, made lunch and was out the door early.  Nice!  What a positive way to start this rainy Wednesday.  🙂

I’m bogged down with work, but nothing can change my mood.  My day could have started a number of ways, but I was in control of what actually happened and made sure I was on the right path.

Have a great day!


PS: I haven’t had much time to visit my favorite blogs and respond the way I normally would.  I promise to get that time in over the weekend and say hello to your lovely faces.


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