“How the World Turns”


The lil birdy that told me the weather wasn’t going to be the greatest this weekend was right.  The sun peaked its head out a few times yesterday, but the majority of the day was overcast.  Rob and I spent a lazy morning in bed yesterday.  We then made a quick Starbucks run and got ready for the communion.  As I was finishing up, Rob exclaimed that there were baby swans in the back yard.  I ran to the door to see what he was talking about and saw an entire swan family floating by the dock.

At first, the father hissed at me, but he changed his tune when I started throwing pieces of bread out to them.  Now, they love me. 😉

Eventually, it was time for us to head out and it seemed like the swan family had somewhere to go, as well.

Away They Go

 The drive down the road to the church resulted in a flat tire and a very frustrated Rob.  I felt bad for the guy.  Eventually, the frown was turned around and we enjoyed the remainder of the day with his family.

Isn’t it funny how the world turns?  I remember being the child, excited for my family to come over for my birthday or some special function.  I remember being surrounded by love and a sea of familiar faces filling my day with happiness.  I remember sitting at the kid’s table, joking with my siblings and cousins.  Everything always seemed to go smoothly, but you never really realized all the work your family went through to make it that way for your special occasion. 

It was strange being on the other side of things yesterday.  I watched Rob’s niece, in her beautiful communion dress, as she sat at the kid’s table.  Her brother and cousin’s surrounded her, as they all sipped their Shirley Temples.  Remember those?  I used to love them!  Being on the outside looking in made me remember the comforts of my own childhood.  Somehow, time slips by us so quickly.  My, how the world turns….

We returned home, saw our family of swans again and then headed to the couch to watch a movie.  We then made it to bed, being the old farts that we are. 😉

Ok, time to get some cleaning done and finally, FINALLY sign up at the gym!

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!



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