Flashback Friday – Mexico Edition – Dia Uno

Hey There!

HAPPY FRIDAY!  I can’t express how happy I am that the weekend is finally upon us.  This week has been torture for me.  For some reason, work has been ridiculously slow.  So slow that all I did yesterday was scan 5 files and write a check.  Ugh.  With my move right around the corner there are so many things I could have been doing with that time that I was doing nothing yesterday.  I find it harder to pretend being busy than actually being busy. 

Oh well.  It’s FRIDAY and the sun is SHINING!  YAY!!  I’m hoping that the weekend weather continues to be the same.  🙂  I woke up not feeling the greatest this morning and with work being so extremely slow I made the executive decision that I could stay home today.  I knew I wouldn’t be missing much.  Instead, I slept in until I felt somewhat better and then started tackling my closet and night stands to get rid of stuff and pack.

My tummy started rumbling and right before noon I decided I needed to feed the belly.  I decided that since I actually had the time I would make one of my favorite breakfasts.  It feels as if I haven’t had it in forever because I never have the time to make it or the days when I do have the time I’m at my boyfriend’s.  That will all soon be changing, but never the less pancakes were on tap for this morning….rather, this afternoon.

Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes

Side of Egg Whites

Sugar Free Maple Syrup Perfection

Can't Forget The Coffee.....Chocolate Cappucino Flavor

With that breakfast deliciousness out of the way, it’s time to Flash Back to Mexico!

On Sunday, February 27, 2011 Rob and I got on a 7:30AM flight to Mexico.  We had only slept a few hours the night before and were ready for a nice long nap during the flight.

Look how sleepy I was

Tired Eyes

I was so excited that I never slept as I planned.  Rob was out almost as soon as he tilted his seat back.  When we were almost there, Rob got up and kept me company.

Watching a Movie

Almost There!

View From My Window

Look how gorgeous the water was!  At that point I could barely contain myself.  I was doing a happy dance in my seat. 🙂

After landing, taking a shuttle and going through lines at the airport we finally made it to the car Rob arranged for us.  The driver handed me a rose.

As our luggage was being put into the car, I enjoyed the warm breeze blowing through my hair.  Ah…It felt so nice to leave the cold and snow behind.  It was already a distant memory and I was completely enjoying the present.

Our hotel was about 30 minutes from the airport.  My heart was skipping as we pulled up to the resort.  We were escorted inside and given welcome drinks and a towel to refresh ourselves with.  I loved the smell of the towel.  The smell was something aloe like. 

Rob Cooling Off

After going through the check in process, we grabbed a quick lunch and headed to our room.  Inside we found…





Tub Looks Out To Bedroom


I Was Amused By The Phone In Here



Relaxation Nook



Our View

See the ocean?  Here, look closer…

Lazy river which the 1st floor rooms could swim out to

Across The Way

We quickly unpacked our bags and then lost our steam.  It had already been a long day.  We left the balcony doors open to let a warm breeze fill the room as we dozed off for about an hour.  Then, we headed outside to explore.

We followed a lazy river to the beach.

While there we talked about the future and shared thoughts about things that were currently going on in our lives.

Rob Taking It All In

We watched as the set things up for an Oscar Party

Then, headed in for a quick dinner followed by sleepy time.  We were beat!

I think there was a smile plastered on my face from the moment we landed.  The resort reminded me of something you’d see in a movie.  The scenery was unreal!  I wish I was there now, in fact!

Well, now it’s time to get back to reality and start packing again.  This will all be over before I know it.  I just have to get through the next two weeks.  Tomorrow promises to be a mix of work and pleasure.  My mom will be stopping by to pick up some furniture and help me pack up my car.  Then, I’ll head to Long Island to go on a double date.  I’m excited!  Rob is introducing me to a friend and his wife so that I can make some new friends before I move.  They live right around the corner from us, which is nice.

Question: Would you rather I continue with my Mexico recap continuously or just as a part of “Flashback Friday”?

Have a wonderful weekend! Wishing you beautiful weather and lots of smiles!



2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – Mexico Edition – Dia Uno

  1. Hiya

    Thanks for sharing the pictures- I’m sat in the UK where I’m surrounded by…. not a lot as it’s very misty!

    It’s very nice to know that at least somewhere the sun is shining 😀 Lap up some extra for me?!

    Also, I love the look of your breakfast! I also think it’s a good expression of how far you’ve come that you’re even having pancakes for breakfast- something that you WANT right there and then, rather than opting for something that’s ‘planned’ and part of a restrictive regimen



    • Hi There,

      I still have more to share. I promise to post the remainder of the trip as soon as I get a chance. Life has been a bit insane lately.

      I agree. I’m definitely getting better about things. I still tend to calculate things in my head, even if I don’t mean to, but at least I’m listening to what my body is craving.

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope things are less misty for you today!

      Wishing you sunshine & warmth!

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