Birthday Bash

Hi Guys!

Another Monday has arrived and this one brought some rain and gloom with it.  Somehow the weekends always seem to sneak by quickly.  If only workdays moved along as quickly!

Anyway, my weekend was filled with lots of family time, which I thoroughly enjoyed! 🙂  Saturday began with some cleaning and errands.  By mid-afternoon I became antsy and headed over to my mom’s early.  I miss seeing her on a regular basis and decided it would be nice to get some extra time in before everyone else arrived.

I Can't Live Without Her!!

I snuck a peek in the fridge to see what we’d be having.

She had prepped chicken for the masses earlier in the morning and set them aside in the fridge.

Panko Crusted Chicken Waiting To Be Baked

The chicken was coated in whole wheat panko and baked, but they tasted fried.  So yummy!  My birthday dinner also included some roasted potatoes, steamed green beans and salad.  It was a totally Kim approved dinner! 🙂

After some alone time with my mom my siblings started to arrive. Everything worked out perfectly because my brother just happened to be home on school break this week.  It was nice to get everyone together all at once.  It rarely happens, so we treasure that time when it does occur.

While dinner was cooking I hung out with these guys:

Sibling Love

Then my mom popped in on the action

It’s so hard to get a picture of all of us together.  Someone always seems to be missing or we completely forget.

This guy showed up shortly after

This lil guy came with my sister and her boyfriend



He must have felt very loved


Attacking Dana's Hair

At one point all of the girls were surrounding Oliver and my brother looked at the other guys and said “Do you see what I have to deal with?”  Haha.

Pretty soon it was time for dessert.  Instead of sundaes, we had build your own trifles using all light ingredients.  My mom knows me so well. 🙂


Sugar Free Angel Food & Pound Cake Bites

Sugar Free Angel Food & Pound Cake Bites

Berries, Sugar Free-Fat Free Pudding & Cool Whip

Berries, Sugar Free/Fat Free Pudding & Cool Whip


Delicious Brownies For Good Measure

The Full Spread

After making our trifles, we congregated in the family room to watch a slide show of pictures from the Mexico trip.  I promise to post a recap this week!!

Shortly thereafter we headed home, happily exhausted.  It was a WONDERFUL birthday and I have a feeling the year ahead is going to be a GREAT one!

Can you tell I love butterflies?

Have a great day!



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