Playing the Waiting Game

Hey Guys!

Another sunny, yet chilly, day here in CT.  I’m going to soak the sun up as much as possible today, because tomorrow promises to be a messy one here.  I am definitely looking forward to warmth and sunshine in the week ahead.  My body thrives on it.  It’s amazing what a difference it makes in my attitude.  It’ll be hard to come back here after our trip.  My hope is that the snow will all finally be melted by then and it will start to feel like spring.

Well, you know how it goes.  I had my interview over 24 hours ago and now I’m playing the waiting game.  Whatever happens is meant to be.  I keep trying to actually believe that.  I’m excited about the possibilities though and hope that I’m not disappointed.

Some of the positives are that the hiring manager took me for a tour of the company.  I don’t think she’d do that if she felt I didn’t have a shot at the position.  She also brought up benefits without me having to ask.  Lastly, the human resources manager there was very positive about me when speaking with my recruiter.  I’m not exactly sure where they are at in the interview process.  It’s all out of my hands now though.  My thank you notes have been sent and I am left to wait, wait and wait some more.  I might do some finger (and toe) crossing between all the waiting. 😉

To keep myself busy, I ran to the florist and bought a coworker a beautiful spring bouquet of flowers.  She had to leave work quite suddenly last week because of a scary situation and today will be her first day back.  I think these might cheer her up:

What do you think?  I love flowers!  Everyday I walked into the office and saw my Valentine’s Day roses they instantly brought a smile to my face.

Now, it’s time to get some actual work done.  The accountant is still in the office and I’m running reports.  It would have been nice to have actually been taught how to use the program, but I’m getting through it….slowly but surely.

Have a wonderful day!



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