Doctor’s Diagnosis

Happy Friday!

For some reason, it doesn’t feel much like Friday to me; although, I’m thankful that it is.  It might be because my mind is elsewhere today.

For one, I was hit with some disturbing/sad news about a friend this morning.  I don’t want to display it all for the world to see, but just ask if you can keep her in your thoughts. Thank you. 🙂

So, I made it to the doctor’s a few minutes early.  My mom met me there and we had some laughs in the waiting room.  I love that woman SO MUCH!  I have been blessed being born to her.  She and I are like two peas in a pod.  We will see something and be thinking the same thing.  Sometimes, it will be something we shouldn’t be laughing about, but know that we will if we even look at each other.  So, we’ll look in opposite directions in order to keep our composure.

After waiting a bit, the doctor called me in.  He fiddled and prodded with my knee and then sent me to the back for x-rays.  After the technician finished she looked at my chart and said, “you’re 31?!”  I confirmed and she stated that she thought I was in high school.  I’ll take it!! Haha. 😉

I limped back to the other room, so the doctor could take a look at the x-rays.  His diagnosis was early onset arthritis.  My face dropped.  Tears started to well in my eyes.  I think it hit me because my grandmother has bad knees and my mom does, as well.  I thought things along the line of, “will I ever be able to lift again?”  Do you believe that one of the first things I googled when I got home was what exercises to do if you have arthritis in your knee? LOL.  I have issues.  Anyway….what made me feel better was the doctor telling me that these things progress over years.  Decades, even.  He said he will be long retired, most likely, before I have any major issues.  He also said that there are many options, even before having to go in for surgery.

It will all be ok.  My knee is still swollen, but the doctor gave me some anti-inflammatory meds.  I hope things are back to normal by the time I leave for my trip.  For now, I’m babying my leg, taking the meds and icing (a bag of frozen peas were used last night).  I’m not allowed to do any lower body gym activity. No elliptical, treadmill, bike or lifting.  I guess I’ll just have to work my guns and abs out, to at least feel like I’m doing something.

My next appointment is the day after I return from Mexico.  By then, I hope I get the green light to work out again.  If all goes as planned I’ll still be able to start my challenge on Monday, March 14th.

My desk currently looks as if a bomb hit it.  Papers are everywhere.  I’m in the middle of producing the monthly rent bills for our tenants.  It can be a bit of a process, just because it is boring and time-consuming.  My day always flies on rent bill day though, so I won’t complain.

In other news, the recruiter called me during my commute to work this morning.  The other company is interested in me!  I’m interested to meet with them and see what vibe I get from the office and company.

Ok, gotta go.  Those rent bills are calling my name.

Wishing you a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!



2 thoughts on “Doctor’s Diagnosis

    • Thanks, Lisa. My knee is finally starting to feel a little better. Hopefully it’ll be 100% by Mexico next Sunday. I keep babying it, but at least I’m not really limping anymore. I got some Mom therapy today. 🙂 I’m a worry wart, but will try not to let it get to me. Love you too!

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