A Day Full of “B”s.

Hey There!

How’s this day been treating you so far?  Mine has been pretty good, aside from my knee.  I’ve been worrying so much about what it could be that I actually gave myself an upset stomach. 😦  I’m such a worry wart!

It’s just past noon and my day has become one filled with “B”s.

For starters my Breakfast Bowl included: Bob’s Redmill Oatbran, Banana Nut BSN Protein Powder, and 1/2 of a sliced Banana.

Before Adding Additional "B" goodness

With Some Ripe Banana Slices

I learned how to do a few new things this morning, which made the day move along quickly.  In a short while I’ll be consuming lunch, which will consist of one of these:

I’ve been on a kick with eating these Boca Burgers lately.  They are quite tasty. 🙂

This day would be absolutely Beautiful if it weren’t for my Busted knee. 😦

When I called the doctor’s office this morning they had no open appointments for today.  As the day has been moving along, I’ve noticed that my knee has continued to swell.  I’m trying to keep it elevated and straight, but it seems to be filling with fluid.

The last time this happened I was a freshman in high school.  Being seated in classes all day, my knee ended up being stuck in the bent position.  Walking through the halls was torture.  I had to limp around for most of the day.  I had one pain in the butt classmate who thought it was funny if she kept kicking my leg.  FYI: Not funny Mary Ellen.  Not funny at all!  By the time the bus dropped me off at the top of the hill I was crying.  I had to hop off the bus on one leg and my sister ran down the hill to get my mom, who then drove up to pick me up.

I think that’s why I’m so careful to keep it straight.  The only problem is that now my leg only bends about halfway. LOL.  Looking at the Bright side, at least I’m able to walk and I think that’s the most important thing right now.  I have to be able to get myself to the doctor and there’s no one to help me if I can’t do it myself.

I’m so thankful that I decided to call and see if there were any cancellations.  Some WONDERFUL person decided to cancel their appointment and mine is now scheduled for 5pm.  My knee should be better by tonight, instead of having to wait all the way until Monday!

I’ll be heading out of here around 3ish, since no one else is in the office right now.  After my appointment, dinner will include the roasted Broccoli that I made last night.  I’ll relax watching The Vampire Diaries.

Anyone else watch this show?  I’m addicted!

Then, my day full of “B”s will come to an end, once I’m settled in Bed.

Wishing you a Beautiful day!



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