Dinner in 20

Man am I pooped!  I left work about 5 minutes early and made it home in record time.  I wasn’t in the best mind frame during the drive though.  As soon as I got up from my desk I realized that my knee is worse than I thought.  It feels so much tighter and I can only bend it back about halfway now. 😦  I slowly made it down the spiraling staircase to the first floor and then down another set of stairs to get to my car.  I tried calling the doctor’s office to see if they can fit me in tomorrow instead of Monday, but they were already closed.  I’m thinking that I will call them first thing tomorrow morning.  If they can fit me in then work will just have to wait for me.

I can’t really explain how the time flew after I walked into my apartment.  I remember getting the mail, taking Advil, putting my leg up and checking e-mail.  Oh yeah, I might have been on twitter for a bit too.  😉  The next thing I knew it was 7:30 and I didn’t even have an idea of what I’d be having for dinner.  Want to know what I did know?  I knew I was NOT having an egg white & veggie omelet with potato again.  I’ve been so lazy over the past few weeks and really haven’t made it to the grocery store that I’ve been eating this meal with some small variations over the past 2 weeks.  My belly said NO MORE, as much as I love breakfast for dinner (or any time of day, in fact).

I scrounged around my cabinets and freezer and ended up with a yummy dish in 20 minutes flat!  Move over Rachael Ray, I’ve got your 30 minutes beat!

Dinner in Less Than 30

I boiled some water for my CarbaNada noodles.  They only take 5 minutes to cook, which I love.  They’re also packed with 12 grams of protein. 🙂  While the water boiled, I chopped up some veggies (pepper, mushroom & zucchini) and even put together a batch of roasted broccoli (still in the oven as I type), which I’ll use tomorrow night.  I threw my sliced veggies into a pan with a serving of Morning Star Farms Meal Starter Crumbles, minced garlic and some tomato tidbits.  Once everything was cooked and the water was drained from the pasta, I threw everything together and sprinkled with a bit of parm.


Nom Nom Nom

Now, my leg is elevated and I’m ready to settle in for some mindless entertainment.  First, I think I better go check on that broccoli before I have more issues than just knee problems.  If I set the fire alarm off I don’t know how fast I’ll be able to run to shut it off!

Night guys!



2 thoughts on “Dinner in 20

    • I do too! I make protein “cakes” with the chocolate fudge flavor, as my evening snack. My “frosting” of choice is peanut or almond butter. 😉

      I like the banana a lot, but I think I like chocolate the best. I use cinnamon roll in my oatmeal too. So good! People at work think I’m strange, but everyone always wants to know what smells so good when I make breakfast.

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