Special Delivery

Look what came as I was twiddling my thumbs.  Let’s start over.  Look what arrived as I was counting the seconds until 5:30pm.  Hey, stop it!  One more time.  Look what was delivered to me as I PATIENTLY waited for the workday to be over.

Last night, during a work conference, my boyfriend stepped aside from the group to make a call to me.  He asked if I had gotten anything at work.  Confused I said I hadn’t and then began to question why.  You see, these were supposed to have been delivered yesterday.  I wasn’t expecting anything because we had already celebrated on Saturday night.  Plus, our trip to Mexico is what I thought my gift was for Valentine’s Day.  He told me that he didn’t want me to feel slighted though and just wanted to send a little something my way.  In return, I told him that he had already given me the best gifts of all (happiness & love).  Yeah, we’re that couple.  I love US though.  🙂

Today, this beautiful bouquet made its way into my office, where it is now proudly displayed at my desk.  I’ve actually never had flowers delivered to me, except for by family.  Now, instead of counting seconds to the end of the day maybe I’ll count the petals on my roses instead. 😉  J/k.

If you were here, I’d share one with you. 🙂

For You

Hope your day is moving along more quickly than mine is!



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