So Much To Do In Such Little Time

Hey There!

How’s this Monday treating you so far?  If you’re living in the Northeast you’re most likely shuddering to think that we’re getting more snow and ice over the next few days!!  When will it stop?!  Summer, I wish you were here!  Please come quickly!!

My day started with a Venti Awake Tea from Starbucks, as I made the drive from Long Island back to CT.  I arrived at the office with only a few minutes to spare before start time.  I hate feeling tense, but that’s what an hour and a half drive before the work day even starts will do to a gal.  Luckily, a friend let me borrow her EZ Pass, which made the drive a little less frustrating.  Without it I probably would have been in the car for two hours!

Any random, nosy onlooker into my car would see an assortment of haphazard objects thrown in the back seat.  Luggage, 3 pairs of boots, a pair of sneakers (for good measure), a shovel, a broom, weights and a rose.  Actually, I lied.  My rose was in the passenger seat, right next to me.  My car is SO messy right now.  I’m always traveling between CT and NY, so my life is kind of in my car right now.

Home Depot in my area was sold out of shovels after our last storm, so my boyfriend prepared me for this next one.  One can only hope that the weather forecast changes and I won’t even have to use it.

My handsome fella surprised me with a rose, when he came out of the flower shop that he bought my shovel at for me.  What a guy!  🙂  I love the little things and he loves seeing my smile of appreciation.  It works out quite well for both of us. 😉

After much discussion, my guy and I decided that we’ll be moving in together.  He has a house and I rent, so….guess who is becoming a New Yorker?!?!  My parents are from New York, so I’ll be going back to my family roots.  I’ll be in Long Island instead of Westchester, where they grew up though.  I’m excited and nervous at the same time.  I’ll be leaving a lot of the familiar behind and also be further from family and friends.  I’m a very rooty person. Change is hard for me.  Some things are worth it though and my boyfriend is definitely one them.

With my lease up in March, I now have a ton of things to do.  My check list is written and I’m ready to start tackling things.  On top of it all, we’re heading on vacation mid-February and have planning to do for that.  I’ll fill you in as I know more.  Promise!

Lots to do, such little time, but all for the best! 🙂  On that note, I better get back to work.  I guess I need my job in order to pay for all these good things…

Have a wonderful day!



4 thoughts on “So Much To Do In Such Little Time

  1. Hope you’re surviving under all this snow and ice!! I am ready for summer…

    Congrats on the big decision and good luck with the move! I hope everything goes smoothy. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for reading and leaving a message. I love hearing from new people!! 🙂 I’ll be more consistent with writing in the very near future. I promise. Let me know what things you like most about the blog and I’ll try to write more about those things.

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