Better Than Average

Hey There!

Fancy finding you here. 😉  Currently, I’m curled up on my couch with a belly full of breakfast and a warm mug of coffee within arm’s reach.  Here in Connecticut we experienced yet another snow storm and this girly is thankful for yet another snow day.  I’m trying to keep myself busy with positive things and not just zone out in front of the boob tube for hours.  In some ways I’m happy for the days off and in other ways not so much.  Truth be told, I’ve been in a little funk with myself lately.  Unlike the past, I’m just pushing through.  I’m not allowing not being thrilled with my appearance to prevent me from doing things, like seeing my boyfriend.  I’ve actually ended relationships because I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin.  No matter how many times the guy told me that I was beautiful to him I just couldn’t get over how I felt about myself and I would push the guy away.  I’m not letting this dictate my life any longer though, right?  Right!

I figured that since I have the day off I’m going to set a plan in place for myself and write it all out.  A plan that isn’t extreme.  Something that is realistic and that I can stick to.  There’s nothing I love more than a brand new notebook that I can write my plans, goals, quotes, thoughts, etc in.  I was the kid who LOVED going to Staples at the beginning of the school year to get new things.  (I still have about 15 boxes of unsharpened pencils in my desk.  I’ll probably still have them when I have my own kids and they are school age.) Maybe it’s the feeling of having a clean slate.  A fresh start….

Even though this blog serves the purpose of helping me through my journey of accepting myself, imperfections and all; it doesn’t mean that I just want to be average or fall short of the person I know I can be.  There’s so much hiding under the surface within me.  I KNOW I can do great things.  I KNOW there’s more to me than just going to an office, day in and day out, to a position that I am overqualified for.  For a long time I didn’t see that within myself, even when others did. 

I let you guys in on so many thoughts that some of the people closest to me never get the opportunity to hear.  I express it here because this is my space to get it all out and off of my shoulders.  I let you in because I know that I’m not alone and if even one person can relate to me and my writing helps them feel like they aren’t alone then it makes me a happy girl.  Every so often my boyfriend reads the blog and he says that he sees my personality coming through here where I don’t always show it in my everyday life.  I’m a pretty shy person in “real life”.  When I went to the Healthy Living Summit, this past August, I was extremely nervous.  Bloggers who I look up to were only a few steps away and I didn’t have it in me to walk over and introduce myself.  I can see that I have grown as a person since then.  My boyfriend sees it as well.  He’s been making a lot of comments about this lately and it makes me happy.  I feel like I know what I want more.  In the past, if I was asked a question about what I like or want, my answer was always “I don’t care”, “I don’t know”, “Whatever you want”, etc.  Now, more times than not I’m able to express what it is I want.  That is a HUMONGOUS leap for me!

In going with the theme of wanting to be better than average, I’d like my blog to be better than average too.  So, my dear readers, what is it you’d like to see more of on my blog?  What do you think I can do to make my blog better?  I’d love to hear your opinions!

Well, the sun is starting to pop out from behind the clouds and maybe it will help in melting some of the snow off my car.  I was out there for about 45 minutes earlier and I still wasn’t able to dig my entire car out.  Hopefully, the sun’s rays will give me a helping hand; otherwise, I am in big trouble!

Wishing you a better than average day!



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