Bank Battles – Attack of the Tellers

Hey Guys!

Happy Friday to you!  This girly is home AGAIN.  We had even more snow overnight and into this morning.  Yesterday I was out sick and I’m still not feeling the greatest today.  I spoke to a coworker who told me not to even venture out.  So, here I sit.  Snow days have been great and everything, but I am SO ready for spring to arrive.  I’m tired of it being so dismal and gray out.  I’m ready for sunshine, warm breezes and flip-flops.  Anyone else with me?

Part of my responsibility at work is to deposit all of the checks that come in from our tenants on a daily basis.  When the weather was nice I would just walk from my office to the bank and soak in the sunshine during my 15 minutes of freedom.  Once winter hit I decided that I wasn’t going to chance slipping down the hill and honestly I HATE the cold and didn’t feel like braving it for a bank run.  Every so often I’m in the mood, but most times I’m not.  Anyway,  what I’ve been doing is prepping everything the day before and then taking it home with me.  The next morning I stop at the bank on my way into work and then continue on my way.  It’s been working very well.  Even though I was sick yesterday those checks were calling my name.  One of our property managers is very picky about certain checks getting deposited and I just happened to have those checks in my possession.  I pulled my hair into a ponytail and schlepped out of bed to take them to the bank in my area.  I told myself that my reward would be to get a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee afterwards.

Almost from the moment I met with the teller she was trying to sell me on getting a personal bank account with them.  Normally, I do my personal banking online and via ATM, so other than work stuff I’m not used to dealing with the tellers.  When I first started this job, the tellers at the bank branch I normally go to were pushy (PUSHY!), but eventually they stopped when I kept rejecting them.  Is this normal?  I don’t remember tellers being so pushy when I was younger.  The tellers at my normal branch told me that they are being pushed to be this way and hit certain numbers in new accounts monthly.  That must be rough because most people going to the bank are there for their personal accounts as it is.  I guess I can understand why they’re all over those of us that are there for business purposes.  I ended up walking out yesterday with a new account.  Haha.  Maybe it was just being tired of hearing it or maybe it was sickness weakening my defenses, but I headed out with the new account and was actually happy.  I get hit with a lot of service charges at my old bank and can’t wait to switch everything over to this new one.  I felt like a big girl.  Even though I’ve done so many grownup things over the years, I’ve had the same bank account since I was a teen.  I still remember setting it up with my parents.  Such little things make me happy.  It’s scary. 😉

I see the sun peeking out from behind the clouds.  I think it’s about time to get out of bed and make some tea for my tummy.  I hope that wherever you’re reading this from your safe and warm.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


PS:  What do you think of the new layout?  At least my sick self was productive yesterday. 😉


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