You Break It, You Fix It

Hey Guys!

How’s this Tuesday treating you?  It’s gray and freezing here in CT.  I so wish I could be cuddled up under the covers, watching a movie or reading a good book right now. Only a few more hours to go and I’ll be out of here!  PLUS, we’re supposed to get a ton of snow between tonight and tomorrow.  Fingers crossed for another snow day!!  My mom sent me a text this morning sharing the news that her office already canceled work for tomorrow.  She was ecstatic.  There’s just something about a snow day that reminds you of being a kid.  No matter how old we are, I think that most of us gladly welcome an unexpected day off.

From reading the title of my post, I’m sure you can surmise what this post is about.  My grandparents had a saying when we were growing up.  I still remember my grandmother’s voice as she’d say, “You break it, you fix it!”  That phrase prepared me for many things later on in life.

You can say that I’ve had the magic touch for breaking things lately.  Last night I went to my mom’s condo for a visit.  Somehow, I ended up locking the bathroom door shut and none of us were able to get in.  I still don’t know how it happened.  I could have sworn I never even shut the door or touched the lock while I was in the bathroom.  After 45 minutes and help from my brother and my sister’s boyfriend we were able to get it open. You break it, you fix it, ya know?

This morning, one of my coworkers handed me a stack of papers that needed to be copied.  The task should have been no problem at all, except little Miss Magic Fingers somehow ended up breaking the copier.   My coworker insisted that it wasn’t my fault, but I was still involved in the process.  He tried to fix the copier without any luck and told me to just call for service.  I called and got a confirmation number for service, but as I sat at my desk I was itching to go back to the copy room and tinker with that sucker.  After about 30 minutes of trying not to think about it, I headed back to the copy room and started pulling the machine apart.  I tried a test copy and….SUCCESS!!  You break it, you fix it!

Hopefully, the rest of this day (week, month, year, decade, etc) will not involve anymore breaking.  At least I know I have the tools/skills within myself to fix things as they come.  With some persistence, effort and good ol’ stubbornness I can pretty much get through anything. 😉

Now, I’m about ready to turn my foot heater on.  My fingers are so cold they should be blue.  I’ll be back this evening to post today’s meals.

Hope you have a great one!



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