My 2011 Goals

Hey There!

Man, two days into the first workweek of the new year and I am SWAMPED!  Yes, all caps and bold were necessary!  I was at work until 8:20-ish last night.  The good thing was that I missed all the traffic that I know others sat in on their way home.  Have I ever mentioned how much I absolutely, positively can’t stand traffic?  If I haven’t, let it be known now.  I’m a pretty patient person, but at the end of a long work day it’s the last thing I want to deal with.  Most nights I’m in the car for over an hour.  I know many of you deal with the same problem.  I feel your pain, friends.  😦

Anyway….With being swamped at work and working on a side project which I may or may not have procrastinated on for months I haven’t had much time to blog or even read my favorite blogs.  I’m pushing for a change though and I think that within the next week I should have everything under control.  In my absence from posting I also went through a bit of a difficult period.  I’m looking into some alternate solutions for my eating issues because I most definitely cannot deal with this for the rest of my life.  It is way too draining and isn’t healthy.

Work overload, eating issues and traffic aside I still believe this is going to be a wonderful year.  There’s so much for me to strive for.  I also have some great people in my life, like these guys…

Pretty Sisters

My Brother & The Boys

Melissa & Dana


Melissa & Paul

Jess & Craig (Newly Engaged!)

Now, don’t let these proper poses fool you.  My family can get quite silly.  😉

Exhibit A

I also have this handsome fella.  He brings me much happiness and is a constant source of support.  🙂

Of course, I could never forget the one true constant in my life, my Mom.  She would KILL me if I posted any of the pictures I have of her right now.  So, I’ll have to remember that for another time.

With so many good people in my life, including those I’ve met from blogging, I feel like I’m in a much better place than I’ve been in a while.  Knowing that I have people standing in my corner helps me face my battles, even those I must face alone.  Now, onto my goals…

In the past, my goals have been very weight oriented.  I realize that part of the problem that I have with my weight is because I don’t feel content in other areas of my life.  If I work on those things maybe my eating issues will lessen; therefore, I will lose the weight I’d like to lose.  These are my basic goals and then I’ll break them down into manageable pieces, in time.

My 2011 Goals:

  1. Be a risk taker– I tend to play things safe.  In my everyday life I’m extremely shy, which holds me back.  I think that some (ok, most) of that comes from not having confidence in myself, because of my body image issues and being teased when I was younger.  I need to put myself out there, meet new people, take new classes and try things that I normally wouldn’t.
  2. Be a Better Friend & Family Member – Sometimes the daily hustle and bustle of life, becoming engrossed in our own issues and not having time to do things for ourselves makes us forget what’s truly important….our family and friends.  Sometimes it isn’t even that we forget, but rather that we just don’t know where to fit it all in.  This year I’m going to make a bigger effort at keeping in touch and seeing my loved ones.  Things like Facebook make it easier to keep in touch, but I would like to call more often, send handwritten notes/cards and meet up with people a few times per month.
  3. Finances – I need to set monthly budgets in multiple areas for myself.  I’m not extravagant in my spending, by any means, but my monthly expenses (rent, car, school loans, credit card payments, etc) are high.
  4. Be Positive – Even when things are tough, I’m going to try to find a positive in the situation.  There will definitely be days where I’ll have a hard time doing this, but I want to make the effort at least 90% of the time.
  5. Treat Myself– Over the years, I’ve forgotten life’s little joys.  Simple things like going to get a mani/pedi, shopping for a new outfit, or buying something that I don’t need but really want that will make me happy.  I won’t do this all of the time, but every so often to put a skip in my step.
  6. Fitness – I have multiple goals in this category.  Mostly, I want to live a healthy lifestyle without going to any extremes.
    1. Get a workout in 4-5 times per week (mix of cardio & weights).
    2. Try yoga
    3. Be able to do at least 5 unassisted pull-ups.
    4. Be able to run 2 miles without stopping.
    5. Be consistent.
  7. Nutrition – Like my fitness goals, the main goal here is to be healthy & not go to any extremes.
    1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.  I’m lucky if I get 1 glass in, most days!
    2. Take my vitamin daily.
    3. Allow myself treats without guilt.
    4. Try not to calculate everything so much.
    5. Get my binges under control.
  8. Blog – Even though my blog is less than a year old I feel like it needs a makeover.
    1. Post more regularly.
    2. Update my pages (“About Me”, “Stats”, “Resources”, etc).
    3. Take more pictures.
    4. Make contact with more bloggers.
  9. Live Life! – Stemming from all of the years I focused on trying to perfect myself I forgot to actually just LIVE.  Like the title of my blog, I’m in the process of learning to love my imperfections.  They are what makes me, ME.  Not having the pressure of being perfect or waiting until I’m a certain weight to do things allows me the freedom of living my life, trying new things and enjoying all the joys that living in this world has to offer.  I got a little head start on this goal over the past few months.  I can’t wait to see what the next twelve (and thereafter) have to offer!

Unfortunately, I have less living to do right now and more work.  😦  On a positive note, work allows me to afford some of those things I’d like to treat myself with, get my finances under control and do some fun things so that I can live my life. 🙂

Have a wonderful night!



One thought on “My 2011 Goals


    Seriously, I think your resolutions are awesome. They’re well thought out, and they’re real. They’re real thoughts, that most of us are constantly thinking about, and you put them right out there. You’ll accomplish them, I know it.

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