Bottom of the Bowl Good

Hey There Friends!

Another day, another dollar, as they say.  Tomorrow will be mid-week and hopefully the weekend will be here before we know it!

Before moving along, I just want to thank everyone for their kind comments on my last post.  Your support means more to me then you’ll ever know.  I’m feeling much better today and am hoping to keep this positive mindset for as long as possible.  I know there will always be snags, but getting back up and moving on from them as quickly as possible is a goal of mine, for the future.

Although I woke up sleepy, I was in a happy mood getting ready for work.  My commute diminished my happiness, but breakfast brought a smile back to my face.  What was on tap, you ask? 

PB&J Oats, my friends.  My bowl consisted of: Rolled Oats made with Skim Milk, topped with PB&J (of course) and sprinkled with some Ground Flaxseed.

PB&J Oats

Then, the kid in me came out and I swirled it all together, happily.

Let me tell ya, it was GOOD.  Bottom of the bowl good, indeed.

Of course, my breakfast wouldn’t be complete without my morning cup o’ joe.

Sleepy Kim

 I sloooowwwwlyyyy started to come alive.

Slowly Coming To

 Ahhhhh.  Joe, how I love thee.

Much Better

You better believe I enjoyed my coffee down to the last drop!

Before chowing down, my breakfast looked something like this. 

Some water and vitamins are also a must!  I’m trying to get better at remembering to take them.

Then, the usual hodge podge of daily tasks ensued.  Before I knew it my belly was growling and I realized that it was later than my usual lunchtime.  My breakfast did it’s job in keeping hunger at bay for hours, that’s for sure.

The weather here today was crummy and I felt like having a bowl of something warm, hearty & comforting.  I decided on some turkey chili which I poured over a small baked potato.  Some cabbage shreds were tossed on top for some crunch as well as to get some veggies in.


It might not have been the prettiest of lunches, but it definitely was tasty.  You better believe this was bottom of the bowl good!  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic of my bowl after I demolished it all.  😦

I had lunch while studying for my health & wellness course.  I also chugged a bottle of water.

Breaks are always over way too quickly.  I was back at my desk in what seemed like minutes.  A few hours passed and I had my late afternoon snack, before hitting the road to head home.

Today’s snack was some fat-free Greek yogurt with mixed berries and a lil ground flaxseed. 

Do you think it was good? Oh yes it was!

Those might be finger marks at the bottom of the bowl.  Please disregard. 😉

My snack held me over perfectly through the long commute home and also allowed me to make a decent dinner.  Usually, I’m about ready the gnaw my arm off by the time I head from my car to my apartment.  Sometimes even boiling water for pasta is too long to wait!  That wasn’t the case tonight though and since all of my meals today were served in a bowl I figured I’d stick with the theme.

Tonight’s dinner was my own version of Mac ‘n’ Cheese.  My dinner bowl consisted of: Whole Wheat Pasta Shells, Extra Lean Ground Turkey, Laughing Cow Lite, Peppers, Onion, Mushroom, Garlic & some Spinach.  My belly <3’s me!

If you haven’t guessed, this was definitely bottom of the bowl good!

All Gone

Now, I’m going to try to get a little more reading in before I zone out watching tv.  While watching tv I’m thinking that there will most likely be a snack consumed.

It could be some of this:

Or this:

Either of which will of course have to be served in this:



Hope you had a great day!



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