I Be Jammin’

Hey Guys!

With Tuesday coming to an end, I’m finding this week to be moving along fairly quickly. NICE!

Can you believe that even though I felt like a zombie yesterday I was still able to push myself to go grocery shopping after work last night?  I so didn’t want to.  I pulled into the parking lot, saw how crowded the store was and really (REALLY) wanted to turn around to go home.  I knew I had practically no food there and would be setting myself up for trouble at some point this week.  So, I mustered up some motivation and headed in to battle the crowd.  At some point I started to zone out.  I lost track of time, probably looked out of it to the other shoppers, and my body literally started to shake.  I was exhausted and starving.  I checked the time and found that it was after 8pm! WTH?!?!

By the time I got out of there, drove home, lugged all my bags in and prepped dinner I was starting to talk to myself.  What? You don’t do that when you’re out of it?  Well, I had reached that point and couldn’t wait to snuggle up on my couch to chill out.

I was still tired when I dragged myself out of bed this morning.  Everything must be catching up with me from the trip and the lack of sleep the other day.  I’m going to try to hit the hay a little early tonight and see what that does for me.

Just your typical Tuesday here in CT.  The weather’s getting chilly.  Even though it’s now November the chill seemed to come out of no where.  We’ve been very fortunate with the weather here and I almost forgot that it was fall.  I didn’t have to really wear a jacket until this week.  I ran out of the apartment yesterday without one and immediately turned around to pull one from the closet.  Today, I knew better than to run out without one.

When I got to work I need something warm and comforting.  A big, creamy bowl of oatmeal did the trick.  I added some sweetness with a small spoonful of strawberry jam, which made my mouth & belly very happy.

Looks pretty too. 🙂

Jam 'N' Oats

I added a side of egg whites for a protein kick and a cup of coffee for some added warmth & a burst of energy.

Then it was time to work, work, work.  An unpictured turkey wrap & apple were eaten at my desk while I work, work, worked some more.

Later in the afternoon I took my actual lunch break.  I walked up the hill to my usual reading spot, which I actually haven’t been to in weeks.  I was afraid it might be too chilly, even with my jacket because I tend to always be cold.  It wasn’t too bad if the sun was hitting me though.  With the sun shining down on me I read a chapter from the book for my health and wellness certification.  I’ve been slacking on my reading big time and need to finish it all by the end of next month! 

Just before my break was over I headed over to Starbucks for an afternoon treat.  While standing in line, a flash of red caught my eye.  Could it be????

Why, yes it could!  The holiday cups are out! 

Maybe I’m late to the party, but seeing this made me happy.  I’m such a dork! 😉  Told ya I love the holidays.

I hurried back down the hill with my tall Cafe Misto.  I then paired it with a toasted, multigrain english muffin that I smeared with some peanut butter and a lil jam.

Yes, more jam.  It was just a jam kinda day, I guess. 😉

PB & J = Perfect Duo

I’ve been trying to eat a snack shortly before leaving work so that I’m not famished by the time I get home.  It seems to be doing the trick!  For a while I was having problems  with almost falling asleep while driving home from work.  Can we say SCARY???  Maybe my blood sugar was low or something.  The late snack seems to be helping with that problem, as well.

Now, I’m pulling dinner from the oven (a turkey burger, roasted butternut squash and mixed veggies…if you’re curious) and am ready to get comfy on my couch shortly after eating.

Have a great night!


 PS: Sorry for the blurry pics.  I’m still without a real camera and am using my phone.


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