Hey There!

I can’t believe I’ve gone, come back and am already sitting at my desk again!  Time sure does fly when you’re having fun OR when you’re completely bogged down with work and don’t have a second to catch your breath.

Neither is the case for how today is going for me.  It’s amazing that even after being out 3 days last week (I was sick on Tuesday, as well) I’m still trying to find ways to keep myself occupied today.  I’ve been pushing work around my desk to make it last longer throughout the day.  Three-ish hours to go and then I’ll be out of here!!

Three seems to be the magic number today.  It also happens to be the number of hours I slept last night.  Three hours of sleep definitely isn’t enough, in case you already haven’t figured that one out yourself.  You’d think I’d have been exhausted last night with all of the traveling, but my body must be out of whack.  I kept watching the hours tick by and knew that this morning was going to rough.  I probably should have slept in a little longer this morning, but I had it in this thick head of mine that I was going to workout before work.  I can be VERY stubborn at times.  Even after coffee I’m feeling just like this:


Need Some Zzzzzs

Anyway….. 😉


The trip was great.  The weather – not so much, but we made the best of it.  I took lots of pictures to share with you guys.  They’re currently being burned onto a disk for me, so if you can wait until next week you’ll be in picture heaven! I promise! 🙂

While I had a nice time in Bermuda, I was so happy to be back home yesterday afternoon.  I can definitely say that I appreciate the little things here much more now.  Simple things like a good cup of coffee, water that is odor-free, and being more in control of my meals (nothing tasted right to me there).  I also missed being connected to the world.  I turned my cell off and didn’t go online the entire time I was away.  I was starting to form a cold sweat by the time we landed.  As soon as it was possible I turned my cell on and was texting.  My boyfriend was checking the wind forecast, but that’s a story for another time.

Even though I’d much rather be sitting anywhere other than at my desk right now, I’m happy to be home and getting back into the groove of things here.  I can’t believe October is over with and we’re about to be bombarded with the holidays over the next few months.  I love the holidays!  It isn’t the presents, but rather the atmosphere that comes along with the holidays that makes me happy.  I love tradition, being surrounded by family, decorations, lights, music and baking.  It makes me feel all warm inside. Last year I wasn’t able to enjoy the holidays because of the depressed state I was in.  This year, I am looking forward to making up for it all!!  I not only want to make it up to myself, but also to my family.  I realize that my not being myself also put a black cloud over them, which is the last thing I’d ever want to do!

Along with the excitement of the holidays, I have a few challenges that I’ve set up for myself.  I’ll tell you all about them later this week.

Now that 3-ish hours have turned into 2-ish, I best be getting back to my work.  If my boss walks by one more time and sees me pushing the same check around I think that he might become suspicious.

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween weekend!

Did you have anywhere fun to go?  Did you get many trick-or-treaters? If I hadn’t been away I would have gone to a party at my sister’s house.  I’m looking forward to hearing all about it from her!  I had no trick-or-treaters, but did see a few roaming the streets during my drive home from NY.  They seemed a tad too old to be out, but what do I know?




2 thoughts on “Three

  1. I often find when I get that little sleep (trust me- it happens more often than I’d like for one reason or another), I start to get a little wired. Like my body goes into overdrive in order to make up for lack of sleep? It’s odd. And not a good feeling. So I definitely am pulling for you to get through today ok! 🙂

  2. It’s strange how our bodies try to adapt to things. Thanks for pulling for me! The 5:30 whistle is almost upon me and I’m going to hightail it out of here!! I’m SUPPOSED to go grocery shopping, but we’ll see how much ambition I have after the hour long commute. I hope you’re well, Amy! Thanks for stopping in! 🙂

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