Dress Success!

Hey There!

HAPPY FRIDAY!  The weekend is so close.  I hope the next few hours fly!

After work last night, I bounded out into the sunshine and was in a happy mood.  The happy mood soon changed after I forged through 1 1/2 hours of traffic to get to the mall.  It’s amazing how drained traffic can make you.  I mean, you’re just sitting there, but I guess having to constantly be alert and the fact that you only move 2 exits in 30 minutes can get to you after a while.  When I hear the same song come on for the 3rd time during my drive I’m about at my wits end!

Anyway, I FINALLY made it to the mall and headed straight to Lord & Taylor.  I seem to have a lot of luck there and I also had a 25% off coupon.  I have a few dresses that I could have used for the wedding tomorrow.  They are old standbys and would work in a pinch.  So, I wasn’t feeling pressured to find something.  It’s just that after feeling so depressed lately I kind of just wanted to treat myself to something new, which would make me feel pretty and confident at the wedding.  Normally, I’d wait to buy something until I lost those last 5-10lbs, but this is the new Kim and I’m changing my ways.  This Kim that is a bit heavier is just as deserving of something nice to wear as the Kim I will be when I’m down those last few pounds.  Plus, I figured I could always have the dress taken in when I lose the weight.

In many ways I love shopping on my own.  I love that I don’t have to be on anyone elses’ time schedule and can take my time doing whatever I’d like to do.  The only issue with shopping alone is that I don’t have anyone there to share their opinion with me.  While I was in the dressing room I heard a set of friends laughing and commenting about the dresses they each were trying on.  I miss that laughter with my friends and made a mental note that I have to get together with the girls and my sisters more often.  It’ll be one of my top priorities after the trip next week.

Anyway, have I ever mentioned that I am the queen of not being able to make a decision?  I can look at 3 nail polishes, not be able to decide which I like best and end up buying all 3 or just putting them all back because I can’t decide.  Well, now you can imagine me trying on dresses last night without anyone there to give me their opinion.  I almost jumped out of the dressing room to ask those laughing girls their thoughts on my choices.

I also tend to cry at the mall.  I feel bad for all that I’ve ever put my mother through during back to school mall trips.   I still remember her commenting that finding my wedding dress is going to be a nightmare.  She said that I’ll be crying and she’ll be assuring me that it’s supposed to look the way that it does. Haha.  Poor mom.  Love her!

I am proud to say that there were no tears AND I was able to pretty quickly determine which dress I liked best.  Who Am I?!?!  It was a dress success!  I walked out of the dressing room with a smile on my face and the bounce was back in my step.  I was even happier using that coupon that I brought with me.  I left the mall a happy gal.  I can’t wait to get all dolled up tomorrow!  I promise I’ll take lots of pictures to share with you!!

Three more hours and this girl will be hightailing it to Long Island.  I’m ready for the weekend to begin!  I’ll be back on Sunday night or Monday morning for a weekend recap.

Hope your weekend is a great one!



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