Blogging From Bed

Hey There,

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m blogging from bed today.  I seem to have picked up a cold over the weekend that turned into something more overnight.  I woke up this morning with cold sweats, an annoying cough and a head cold.  Ugh.  It’s another cold and gray day here in CT so I couldn’t have picked a better one to be sick.  I don’t mind wasting a day in bed when it’s crummy out, but absolutely hate it when the weather is gorgeous.

I must admit that I stepped out to go to the grocery store to grab some essentials.  I wanted soup and there was none to be found in my cupboards.  Let’s just say that wasn’t the most brilliant idea.  About halfway through shopping I was getting light-headed and just wanted to get the heck out of there.  I finished up as quickly as I could, raced home, put everything into the fridge and then proceeded to make a comfort food (to me) lunch of soup and a sandwich. 

I haven’t had soup in…..years.  I had cut it out in the past, because I felt like I just didn’t need those extra calories, but sometimes you just need something warm to fill your belly.  I remember being sick in my early 20s and sending my mom to the gym to get me a protein shake because I didn’t want to lose muscle. Yes, I know I’m a nut.  😉 The poor woman wanted to give me chicken broth, saltines and jello but I was stubborn and always calculating things.  I was a good kid, but man I have put my mother through the wringer with my eating issues.  Anyway, my lunch today reminded me of being young and comforted by my mom.  Anything that reminds me of my mom = comfort.  Her hug can make ya feel better within seconds, I swear. 

Today’s lunch consisted of a pita stuffed with oven gold deli turkey, boston lettuce leaves & some roasted red pepper hummus.  To complement my sandwich, I had a cup of Amy’s Creamy Tomato Soup. 

Comforting Combo

I never had any of Amy’s products before, but have read about them over the years.  I was happy to find that the reviews I’ve read weren’t off the mark.  The soup was rich, creamy and flavorful.  My belly thanked me for it.  🙂

Dipping my sandwich into the last bits of soup reminded me of childhood.  I’m glad that I allowed myself this pleasure today, especially because I’m not feeling well.  It made me think of how many things I’ve cut out of the category of what I’ll allow myself eat.  Sometimes I don’t even remember why I stopped eating them, because when I look at the nutrition facts they aren’t horrible.  It could be because they weren’t perfectly “clean” or that I was on my kick of taking things out of my daily diet that I didn’t absolutely “need”, in order to limit my calorie intake. 

With all that being said, my belly is contentedly full and I am sleepy.  My pillows are propped and I’m ready to take a lil afternoon siesta.  Hopefully, I’ll wake up feeling at least a little bit better.  I have big cooking plans for tonight.  Sick or not, I’m still trying to stick with the goals I implemented yesterday.

Hope today is a good one for you!



4 thoughts on “Blogging From Bed

  1. Hope you’re feeling better! It’s so wrong to get sick in the summer. At least its rainy out. I’m bummed because its actually nice and not too hot here but were’ cooped up sick inside. 😦

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