Steps to a Better Me

Hey Guys!

What a day!  It felt like it was never going to end….EVER!  As soon as 5 PM hit the countdown was on. Oh, who am I kidding?  I was counting down since 3!  I don’t know if it was the weather, the fact that it’s Monday, that I have a cold or maybe a combo of all three, but the day drrraaaaagggggedddd for me!  In the midst of getting my work done reading some blogs, twiddling my thumbs, and spending time on twitter, I continued to think about the goals I’d like to set for myself.

With Fall right around the corner (and before we know it….the holidays), I figured that it was time to get my act together and get down to business.  I say that I want this and I want that, but when it comes time to putting the effort in I have been L-A-Z-Y!  I’m not even exaggerating.  Like I wrote last week, my apartment had gone to shambles and my life seemed to be all over the place.  Granted, I was traveling and haven’t been home much in general.  I just hate feeling all over the place and out of control.

I’ve been visiting my boyfriend most weekends over the past month.  It makes more sense for me to travel to him since he has a house and there’s also more for us to entertain ourselves with there.  He’d come visit me in a second, but I prefer it this way, at least for the summer.  He lives about 2 hours from my apartment, so I visit for the entire weekend, not just a couple of hours on a Saturday.  That being said, I know that I must also continue living my own life and not let it fall by the wayside.  I haven’t been doing the best job of that though.  Normally, I drive from his house to work on Monday mornings and after work I continue to make my way north in order to get to my apartment.  By the time I arrive home I’m exhausted.  I plop my random assortment of bags (I’m the bag lady, I tell ya) from the weekend onto the floor in the tv room and then make my way to the couch where I stay for the remainder of the evening.  My bags then tend to sit for an entire week in the spot where I dropped them.  That is, until I have to re-pack them for another weekend away.  I feel like I’ve been living out of bags lately and really need to figure out a better solution for it all.  Anyway….

I also haven’t been doing my usual grocery shopping.  I used to grocery shop over the weekend, but since my weekends are spent away and going after work doesn’t appeal to me I’ve been living off of quick food grabs which are healthy but don’t necessarily fill me and definitely aren’t as kind to my wallet.  After making the hour commute home each night I rarely find the ambition to battle the crowds at the grocery store.  My hunger also tends to be pretty fierce by the time I get home and with a stop at the store I might just chew my arm off.  I’m thinking that if things continue with me driving back from Long Island on Mondays, I should have some make ahead, pre-portioned dinners to keep in the freezer.  I can nuke one when I get home on Monday night and then head to the grocery store to replenish my fridge with good eats.

Being a pretty typical guy, my boyfriend’s fridge is an assortment of beverages and condiments.  His cupboard is filled with pretzels, Triscuits, tuna, protein powder and protein bars.  While these things are good in a pinch they aren’t things I like to subsist off of.  He doesn’t cook, so we eat out a lot.  I don’t believe he has pots or pans, but he does have 3 mixing bowls which are still in their original packaging. 😉  The boy has been in his house for over a year and the stickers that come with new appliances are still stuck to his beautiful, stainless steel oven!  I promised to cook for him.  We just need to get some cooking gadgets to keep there and some snacks for me to enjoy, so that I don’t arrive in CT on Monday mornings ready to eat anything that gets in my way.

He picked up some free passes for me to use his gym while I’m visiting over the weekend, which I totally appreciate.  I just have to put the effort in to actual USE them while I’m there.  I’ve been finding that since I’m so unorganized with everything at my apartment and my food needs, my workouts have also been suffering.  Like, nonexistent suffering.  Like hitting the snooze button, rolling over 5 times and getting up just in the nick of time to get to work suffering.

So, without further ado, here are the steps I need to take to a better me:

  1. Plan ahead.
    1. Cook a big batch of 1-2 meals during the week, which can then be frozen and nuked in a pinch.
    2. Pack my work bag before going to bed.
    3. Set out my work clothes for the following day.
    4. Set out my workout clothes & gear for the following morning.
    5. Prep as much of my next days eats as possible before going to bed.
  2. Get enough sleep!!
    1. No more sleeping on the couch!
    2. Make sure I head to my bedroom by 11 PM.  Even if I don’t fall asleep immediately I’ll at least be in my bed.
  3. On Sundays, plan out my weekly schedule in regard to:
    1. Workouts
    2. Main Meals
    3. Studying for my health & wellness certification
  4. Drink enough water (~1 gallon/day).
  5. Take a multivitamin daily.
  6. Do some form of a workout at least 4 days per week, but aim for 5 days.
  7. Do my grocery shopping on Monday nights, after eating one of my pre-made meals.
  8. Stock the fridge at work on Friday mornings, when I drive to work and have the opportunity to take extra stuff with me during my commute.
  9. Make sure to buy healthy snacks when I get to Long Island, to keep on hand.
  10. Take the train more often than not!
    1. It allows me to relax and not stress about traffic.
    2. Adds extra time for myself where I can read, think of blog ideas and/or stare out the window and think of absolutely nothing, if I so choose.
    3. Adds a little extra activity to my day, in the form of walking.
    1. The only accepted reasons for hitting snooze will be if I’m not feeling well or I feel my body truly needs the extra sleep.
  12. Set a certain amount of time aside each night to:
    1. Study
    2. Blog/Blog Brainstorm
    3. Reflect/Journal
  13. Create a true financial plan/budget for myself.  I really need to start saving, instead of just scraping by.

I think that pretty much hits all areas.  What do you think?  Am I missing anything?  I’m going to see how this works and adjust things as I go along.  I’ll keep ya updated on any changes that I make to my plan and let you know how things are panning out.

I hope your Monday went much, MUCH quicker than mine!  Now, it’s time for me to settle in.  Have a great night!




2 thoughts on “Steps to a Better Me

  1. I couldn’t stand it when I was always travelling to see Sean. It threw me off in so many ways and it got me worn out and tired.

    Maybe you could go see him every other weekend to still leave some time for yourself so life doesnt seem so hectic.

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