Changes Are A Comin’

Well, Hello There!  Long time no blog!!

This post is most likely going to be short-ish, since I’m bogged down with a ton of work at the office.  I am SOOO NOT in work mode today.  I really haven’t been in work mode a lot lately.  I’ve had some personal things going on, which have had my heart in my stomach.  I always try to do the right thing, but it seems that there was some miscommunication between myself and an individual I care about very much (no matter what you think, R).  I would never ever intentionally hurt someone, especially the person I have on my mind. Sorry to be so vague, guys.  I’m not even sure if the person I mentioned is reading anymore, but I want him to know that I’m truly sorry for the misunderstanding and for any hurt, disappointment or anger that resulted because of it all.  I wish I could go back in time and fix things.  😦

Luckily, I only have two more days to get through and then I’m off until Tuesday.  I’m SO EXCITED to be heading to the Healthy Living Summit this Friday!  I can barely contain myself!!  I don’t think I’ve been on a plane in about 9 years.  I haven’t been on a real vacation in 12!  So sad!!  Anyway, there’s so much to do in order to get ready, so I know that I need to set aside some time tonight in order to write out a plan and get organized.  My sister will be my travel buddy for the trip.  We never have alone time and barely get to see each other throughout the year, even though we’re only a state apart.  I am looking forward to some much-needed sister time!

I’m hoping the HLS will give me the extra motivation I need to get things going on a regular schedule in here.  I have read about and look up to a number of the girls I’m going to connect with this coming weekend.  I just feel like I need a little spark to get things going again.  So, when I return I’m planning on some changes here at Imperfectly Perfect.  Stay tuned….



2 thoughts on “Changes Are A Comin’

  1. Thanks, Lisa. I just feel badly about the way things happened in the end. I never want people to hurt, especially those that I care about.

    I’m so excited!! It’s perfect timing for me to just get away. Wish you were going to be there. I’d love to meet ya!

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