My Commute May Kill Me

Happy Thursday Bloggies!

Anyone else ready for this week to be over?  My body may be sitting in the office right now, but my mind is definitely elsewhere.  It is GORGEOUS outside and I’d love to be out there, romping around.

While that glorious sunshine keeps my spirits high, let’s get to the commute that is killing me.  Remember how I was allowed to leave work early the other day, only to make it home later than I normally would?  How if the timing had been off by 30 seconds I would have been drenched?  I thought after that debacle the rest of my week would be smooth sailing.  Let’s just say I was very wrong and that I’m so tense right now that I’m practically gritting my teeth.

It all started last night, when I was waiting for the 5:19 train home.  It was late…..again.  When it finally did arrive and the doors opened there was no room for anyone, unless they wanted to feel like a packed sardine in the standing area.  I’ve already been in that situation before and I wasn’t going to do it again.  I still remember a little boy’s face as the doors were shutting.  He looked miserable. 😦

Wait, wait, wait….wait some more.  The next train pulls in and I actually get a seat. Amazing!  I settled into my seat to read a little Cosmo and within minutes I hear other passengers speaking about the tornado that’s hitting my neighborhood. What in the world?!  That’s the 2nd tornado this week!  I live in Connecticut, not Kansas!!

I made it to my hub and there was definitely a lot of debris.  I swiftly made it to my car and back home before the next wave of thunder, lightening and downpours occurred.  Whew!  I was very lucky with the timing!

Today I drove to work, since I start house/dog sitting this evening.  Yesterday, from the train, I could see cars quickly moving along 95.  Can you guess how it was today?  If you guessed bumber-to-bumper you win the prize!  It took me almost 2 hours to make it to work!!  Without traffic, the drive would normally be about 30 minutes max.  My shoulders are just about up to my ears right now.  I HATE being late.  Normally, I make it in 30 minutes early.  Today being 10 minutes late wasn’t too bad, but nail-biting occurred as I was getting closer and closer to the time I was supposed to be in.

My apartment lease is up at the end of September.  As much as I dread moving and being further away from my family than I already am, it looks like a move is a definite possibility because I just can’t take this anymore!

Ok, rant over.  🙂  I’m going to add some pictures a little later (we all know the deal with my work computer not allowing me to post pics to the blog), but I wanted to get this posted and wish you a wonderful day.  Enjoy some sunshine for me if you’re able to make it outside.  I’ll do the same for you when I make my way out for my lunch hour!



4 thoughts on “My Commute May Kill Me

  1. I also live in CT and could not believe we had tornado warnings! My area didn’t get hit as hard as some of the others.

    It is gorgeous outside today and I would love to be out there too!

    Your commute sounds horrible! Hope you can move a little closer.

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